Monday, December 6, 2010

If I could change one thing

As I was driving home from grocery shopping the other day (thinking of course how in the heck did I manage to spend that much and only leave the store with four bags)it occurred to me that it's getting colder. A lot colder up north especially and while so many of us are worried about keeping our homes and making our bills, giving kids a decent Christmas and all that entails there are people with no homes. Living with no warmth or even a shelter let alone presents and holiday joy. It is so easy to get caught up in our worries and concerns and so easy to forget about all of those around us who don't have even the basics. While I might not have much I surely have more than enough when I think about it this way. I have a home, food, and I am able to care for and feed my pet. On the way out of the store there was a man with a sign "will work for food". I have seen him and a few others living in the woods behind the supermarket and I usually drive on my way. That day I had gotten back a five dollar bill in my change and I gave it to him. I did have some initial hesitation and even some remorse over it thinking that he might use it for liquor or something like that. Then I thought heck he can use it for whatever it wants if it makes his life a bit more bearable. The following day at work I gave three drinks to a gentleman who was performing outside at the shopping complex I work in. He said thank you and went back out to sing. At the end of my shift he came back in and shook my hand with a folded five dollar bill in it. I'm thinking that was a sign.

If I ever come into a whole mess of money I have a plan. I'm going to buy a huge plot of land and hire or brow beat a bunch of contractors and people who "build things" into employment. Then I'm going to go and find all the people in shelters and on the sides of the roads with those "will work for food" signs and I'm going to team them up with the people who "build things" to make second chance communities. Show them how to build, then how to farm/garden. Just give them a chance and somewhere clean to live. Now I'm not saying it'll be all hunky dory because if they don't keep up their homes or if they slack off then they can head right on back out where they came from. However I am betting that a lot of them would be hard workers and willing to take advantage of their second chance. There might be plans to start a huge animal shelter and offer training to work with animals..therapy pets maybe? That's still in the back of my mind somewhere but I'm positive it could work. I think anything could work if we all were just a bit more compassionate and kind. If we just gave each other a chance.

All those millionaire/billionaires out there here's your chance to make your mark. I can only pray that one of you read this random blog post and take my idea and run with it. I promise you would still have enough left to buy that new Lexus/Mercedes/Ferrari. Just think of all the lives it would change for the better.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I will be a happy girl...I will be a happy girl....I will.....

I must say that the old lady did not look thrilled with going into her kennel cab this morning. I myself would take the invitation to sleep in a comfy bed with a blanket all day and run..but it's different when it's not by choice. I will have to make it up to her with treats.

I have decided in an effort to not be so irritated all the time(I do irritated really well)I'm gong to make a decision to be happy. When people irritate me and want to get a reaction out of me I'm simply going to smile and act happy/dumb. I've found that it confuses them and allows me to go to the happy white sale in my head.

I've become obsessed with finding perfect home goods of late. My desire for a sofa is out of control. I dream of sofas. I also have to get all my seasonal yard changes underway. My goals for the week.

1. Change to poinsettias in front door pots.
2. Plant mums
3. Clean out kitchen nook of all ebay paraphernalia.
4. Figure out a place to keep all ebay paraphernalia.
5. Find a new car(this is super important but I have been shopping for a new car off and on for the last three years and if I never see another auto trader again I will be just fine)
7. Find a front room tv, nothing huge just a place other than the bedroom(where the tv the beau must control at all times lives)that I can watch my new addictive tv shows at ALONE!(explaining chick shows is no way to enjoy my free time)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

God save Naples FL

When I think back of all the places that I lived growing up, and it twas quite a few I realize that nowhere I lived contained as many rude, selfish, ignorant people as Naples FL. It's like when you move here you have to take asshole 101 before you can switch your license over.

I was walking from my car into the library earlier today and this is what I witnessed.

Camry backs out of spot, red truck has sat patiently waiting for this to happen for the full five minuets I was there hauling my stuff out of my car. Then a Cadillac pulls up, red truck being nice b/c he knows he's going to have to back up and do some maneuvering stays still while Cadillac pulls right around him and into the spot. I mean this guy in the truck was waiting for this spot with his blinker on for over five minuets, parking lot rules say that was so his spot! So as the caddy is pulling in the spot the truck guy is honking and putting his hands up like wtf and caddy man doesn't even look back. At this point the guy in the truck hauls out of there in disgust(I imagine...I would be disgusted)and so because I have a huge mouth and can't help myself I wait for the guy in the caddy to get out. Then because it's been a heck of a day and I cut my last thread to sanity a good hour and a half before this I say...."umm so you know that guy you just cut out of that parking spot was waiting for it for a while before you got here right?" and the old guy says "what?"(of course it's an old guy who can't hear...they should instigate involuntary driving tests over age sixty five)so I repeat myself and he says "so he should have pulled in, what did I do wrong?" with attitude. I then said in my super rude if my gran gran knew she's wash my mouth out with soap voice...Oh my sir, I'm so sorry, I forgot I'm in Naples where people have no manners and are rude to everyone just because they can be. My bad. God forbid anyone follow the rules and have manners.

It's just like at work. I'll be at work and someone will show up thirty minuets late for a reservation with not so much as a phone call saying they are running behind. So they get there and there is no table because hey you picked the time Chickie so it's not like it was a surprise and for that matter you could have picked up the phone and said hey I'm running behind can you hold my table. So I say in my super sweet forced by management voice. I do apologize(excuse me while I get the vapors)however we did have your table reserved at six and it's now six forty five so I'd be glad to put you at the top of the wait list but it is going to be just a bit. Then the " BUT I HAVE A RESERVATION" starts and the Oh you don't know who your messing with....we come here all the time.....we'll see how long you work here crap. They somehow miss the fact that they are late for a reservation they themselves made and that if it was so important for them to sit immediately upon entering the building they should have perhaps showed up on time...or gasp lower themselves to calling and admitting their oopsy.

But oh yes, once again I forgot....I'm in Naples and it's mandatory that everyone be a super-jerk.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Just to send some good thoughts out there.

I have often wondered what it would be like if everyone was just a bit nicer. Just let that one car in front of you on the road. Just hold the door open that extra bit for the person behind you. Let the person with just one thing go check out in front of you in line at the supermarket. Offer to help the elderly lady with the arms full of stuff. Help the bus boy out at the restaurant and keep your table clean. Just make a daily effort not to be a jerk and to do something nice. Even when you are busy and have a lot going on. You never know what little thing you might do that might make a world of difference to someone. I will never ever forget how much the guys at the tire place helped me out when I got that flat in the rain, with no AAA and between paychecks.

However in my never ending attempts to be just a bit kinder I have noticed something, thank you's have gone by the wayside. At some point people decided that saying thank you for a kindness was simply not necessary. Perhaps that's why so few people do nice things these days.

I have had enough of horrid manners, I am so done with them I can't even put it into words.

Umm hey there I just held the door open for you and your in-laws and your five screaming children while you pushed the sixth through the door in a stroller and you can't spare me so much as a thanks? If not because you want to show your kids how they ought to be acting then because you feel some form of gratitude.

But alas no, that would be the unthinkable. So I've started to fight back....with kindness. I held the door open for a lady yesterday who breezed through with out a look back so I simply said oh hi there I do believe you dropped something and of course she said what...the answer was staring me in the face.....I believe you've dropped your manners. The brief moment of confusion passed across her features and I could see the thoughts at war inside her head
Why is this strange girl talking to me...
What could I have possibly done wrong...

Then before she could continue her jedi mind war I said in the sweetest tone I know...I was just under the impression when someone does you a favor, such as holding a door open for you the proper response is thank you, but maybe I'm mistaken. You have a good afternoon now ya hear?

I know that one is not supposed to question your elders but when the elders act like toddlers but with out the joyous heart something must be done. So I think I'm going to start calling people on it. At work I can only get away with the sly "your welcome" when no thank-you is forthcoming because that's almost an automatic response for people but out it in every day life....Watch out people best pull your best manners up!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

work can spoil a gals day dontcha know

fell asleep before washing clothes last night. smell like kfc now. however craving for fried chicken has been obliterated. perhaps forever.

sprayed much fabreeze and coco chanel. now i smell like expensive french fried chicken. hope garlic smell at work will cover said smell.

ebay items did not sell. am sure this is in direct result of my greedy over pricing. will relist tom at lower prices.

stopped at whole foods for an iced latte before work. find disturbing number of employees with pierced facial parts. if i wasnt so thirsty and sleepy this would put me straight off my latte. those quarter sized holes in your ear lobes are going to look mighty funny when your eighty

excited to be reading new mystery. sadly misread the author name and find self with book on roe vs wade. not the fictional mysterious joyfest i was looking for.

must finish unsweetened iced latte. five donuts in two days means no fun food or drinks. then on to work.

Notes to self

get sleep.....past three am...dont sleep just drink more coffee

must put in two loads of laundry. had clean work clothes hang drying in kitchen. fried chicken, now clothes smell like fried chicken.

dont eat fried chicken, bad for diet. also no more donuts. unless they have lemon filled. then eat just one.

make better friends with neighbors. nice married couple, would be nice to have mutual friends with beau. also would like someone to tell me if crazy end of building neighbors try to break into condo.

take more pamprin or get script filled for xanex. in wrong field of work for angry attitude. also being kinda mean to beau.

must take pictures for the ebay. need to list growing inventory will then need to find more inventory, vicious cycle.


Monday, September 20, 2010

Comme si comme sa

Today is just a so so day. Noting bad but nothing amazing either. My phone battery is about to die so that's a little disappointing but perhaps it's a hint? I do enjoy rather long telephone conversations with both my mama and TG just about every morning. I hit the Goodwill this morning and I found some pretty cute Yves Saint Laurent summer slides.

They have the most fetching little diamond mirrors then diamond rhinestones on them. In near perfect condition as well. I believe Tuesday will be my listing day so I will have many pictures to take this eventing so everything will be up and going by tomorrow.

I have also just realized that you can get almost any tv series at the library. It's amazing! I was able to order Bones, Weeds, The closer and a few others. I swear with how much moola we waste at the Blockbuster it's a God send. Now of course I'll be addicted to the dvd player for the next two weeks until I'm out of movies. I seem to have missed the gene that allows one to do things in moderation. Why have one doughnut when one could have two? If some is good then it goes to reason that more will be better. At least in my mind. But I also believe in not leaving the house without my face on, wearing heels as often as possible and big hair(Elnett is magic). I would have done so well in the eighties or the fifties. Better clothes in the fifties though. If you thought drugs were an expensive(not to mention deadly)habit you should check out how much a thing of La Mer face cream goes for. Not that I would spend that much, we have an Estee Lauder outlet near by that keeps me pretty darn happy. I always knew I would be high maintenance but geez it's getting crazy even for me. I guess I will have to keep on Ebaying to fund my beauty habits. Shopping is like exercise right?

In an attempt to economize(yeah....right.....moderation again) I tried out the pumpkin spice latte from Dunkin Doughnuts as it's a good two dollars cheaper then the Starbucks. I now know why. Oh well I'm never one to let half decent coffee go to waste.

Off to look for more books to read and then to lunch with the beau!

Happy shopping, sleeping, cooking, or what have you!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Drama Drama Drama

It is only nineish in the morn and already the day has expressed its need for the dramatic.

After many attempts to waken the beau were ignored he eventualy flew out of bed super late. Little did I know that we would be soon breaking speed records as well as my ear drums(I tried to tell him the lights could not hear his swearing but I guess HE could not hear me). As if the risk of death and loss of hearing were not enough excitment my car flashed the check motor light. Lucky for me it was just a battery and it was still covered until 2011.

Gosh all I wanted to do was go to the beach today. I will admit that my splurge at the Starbucks of a pumpkin spice latte and blueberry scone has done its fair share of spreading cheer. Lets just hope for happy thrifting later.


Thursday, September 16, 2010

I hit the mother load!

I am addicted to the Ebay. Both the buying and the selling. Luckily for moi I haven't had bunches of money to spend on online shopping. I have however had more then enough unemployed time on my hands to gather merchandise to list. This is very exciting. I love listing almost as much as I love selling. I do think there is a bit of a karma rule to it though. If I am lucky enough to find an item at a good enough price that I can re-sell it on the Ebay for a profit then I believe I should offer a bit of that discount to my buyers.

Since I only buy something I can make over a 100% profit I'm never willing to spend to much on an item. If I pay five dollars I might start the listing at ten depending on the kind of item, even if all the other like items are at thirty. I figure as long as I'm meeting or exceeding my profit goal I'm not going to be greedy. Greed is the tumbling block of womankind you know.

Today however I came across a gem. A real true blue steal at only five dollars. This is the kind of thrifting gals dream of. As I was wandering along the shoe area in the White Elephant(see a theme yet?)I came across.......wait for it......a vintage pair of KARL LAGERFELD black satin with rhinestone evening shoes. For those that are asking who that is, let me just put it like this. He designed for CHANEL!

If these beauties weren't a size eight and a half mama'd have herself a new pair of shoes. Aren't they cute? They will be making their appearance on the Ebay on Monday I think. They aren't quite ready for their close up yet.

I had two other pretty good finds as well. A lime green with hot pink polo player Ralph Lauren polo shirt and a super cute Chinese Laundry handbag. I think I'll be sending the handbag off to my best friend TommyGirl(she has been a loyal Tommy Hilfiger girl since 1999 at least). TG recently witnessed the destruction of her super cute Nicole Lee bag. She's hurting right now. This should cheer her up!

Well I'm off to manage my listings.

Hugs,wishes and happy shopping!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Oh how much fun you can have

Lately I have been a mad thrifter. I have been exploring all kind of new(to me) thrift shops. These shoes are a very happy purchase made at Goodwill from the other day. I believe they were about three dollars. That's a steal!(yes I know my second toe is longer then my's a sign of noble lineage you know! lol)

Then as if the shoes were not enough I found this Michael Kors handbag. Oh yes you read that right. For five dollars + tax. I was so excited I couldn't pay for it fast enough. You know when your out and you find a really good deal and it makes you feel guilty? Like you are taking advantage and as soon as you get to the register they are going to tell you it was all a big mistake and it's really way more then the sticker said. That's how I felt when I saw this little beauty peeking out from behind some other bags.

In the background you can see all the other things I feel need to be on my kitchen table. Like a bath towel and the rest of my goodwill shopping splurges. Don't ask about the bath towel because I couldn't tell you what it's doing up there. I have a sneaking suspicion that the beau left it up there after his shower. He thinks it dries better there. Or at least that's what he'd like me to believe.

During my adventures I also found some very cute H&M tops for a dollar each, as well as a pair of pink Victoria's Secret sweats for a dollar. I found all of this at a thrift shop called the White Elephant in Naples Fl. If you every make it down this way it's worth a stop. It was a heck of a day I tell you!

So after my super exciting shopping I went home to make my Banana Bread. My mama had sent me a loaf for my birthday but you can guess how long that lasted in my sweet and carb addicted world. I had some over ripe bananas so I thought I would make my own. This picture is of a double loaf. The recipe that follows is for a single full loaf.

Mamas Banana Bread

Oven at 325-350F

1/2 c. Shortening
1 c. Sugar
2 Eggs
1 full c mashed very ripe banana
1 1/4 c. all-purpose flour
3/4 t. baking soda
1/2 t. salt
chopped walnuts to preference

Cream shortening, sugar, and eggs. Then mix in the banana. Sift in the flour, baking soda, and salt. Then stir in the walnuts.

Pour the whole thing into a greased loaf pan and bake for 35-50 min. This will vary a lot depending on your oven. It will be done when golden brown and springy to the touch. Now don't go poking your finger into it just tap it a bit!

Tea Party Banana Cake

Double the recipe above just substitute four cups of all purpose flour instead of the 1 1/4c.(this means you will have four cups of flour in the recipe...not eight) After you have iced the cake you can sprinkle fine chopped walnuts on top.

After banana cake has cooled for at least an hour you can ice it with cream cheese frosting.

This is a recipe for a simple Cream cheese frosting. Sometimes I add a bit of nutmeg and cinnamon to it.

* 2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened
* 1/2 cup butter, softened
* 2 cups sifted confectioners' sugar
* 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh the joys of the Thrifting Adventure

I am still riding high on my giddy buyers wings. Ok in basic English, I scored big today at the thrift store. I'm talking like new Victoria's Secret love pink sweats for one dollar, two super cute H & M tops also for a dollar and a Dana Buchman gray sweater with big gray enamel buttons for a dollar fifty. I still have a few more to hit but I just wanted to stop in and share my joy. I've been taking pictures like crazy so be looking for a super long post full of pics. I also had the find of a lifetime at goodwill the other day when I came across a $600 handbag for two dollars, I kid you not. You can bet that baby went on Ebay the next day. I can't wait to see how it turns out. I have a karma theory about what I sell on ebay. Sometimes I ask less then what something is worth because I figure if I got it for a good deal I should make my profit but still pass it on for another persons good deal. So far this has worked out pretty well for me. I hope everyone is doing well!

Wishes and Kisses


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The diffrence between the men and the ladies

This is the dialog of our evening after beau and I get home.

B: What are we doing for supper

SB: Umm I was planning on making (insert dish here)

B: That's going to take to long I'm hungry now...can't you just make me a sandwich.

SB: If I make you a sandwich you won't eat supper and besides why am I elected to make the sandwich? If you want a sandwich make a sandwich.

B: Whatever then I'm just going to run to (insert fast food chain here)

SB: Can't you just wait, I went to the grocery store so we would have meals for everyday this week. It will only take a little bit for me to fix it and by the time I'm done you will be all settled in. Just let the old lady out and I'll start on supper.

B: Fine just hurry up

Ok so two hours later this is the conversation, it happened to be about nachos this time but this is a common conversation for us. Our days run like clockwork.

SB: Are you done? Do you want me to take your plate?

B: No I think I am going to have more.

SB: Ok, I'm going to go read my book then. Can you clean up all the taco meat of the floor and the counters before you go to bed?

B: What taco meat?

SB: The taco meat you dumped all over the floor and the counters when you made your plate....and the tomato bits to for that matter.

B: Fine I'll do it when I'm done.

This right here is the difference between the ladies and the men folk.

In his defense he did sort of wipe things up. But it didn't really do much. And his cleaning the taco meat off the floor was calling the dog in to eat it. Lets not even talk about what spicy food does to the old lady because it's just not very pleasant. I went in and proceeded to do all the dishes and spray all the counters with disinfectant and wiped them down. I'm a little crazy about germs so I'm pretty liberal with the germ killing,de-greasing spray. What I am dying to know though is do they just not realize they only cleaned up thirty percent of the mess...or do they just not care?

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lord lay me down to sleep.

I am so tired I could cry. I am not sure if this is because I have turned into a wimp or because it really was a long day. If I am honest its because I am just not used to this all day schedule or you know cause I'm a wimp.

Last season I could do six days in a row from ten am to eleven pm as long as I had day seven as a half day. When I think of how long I worked seven days a week sixty plus hours it makes me ashamed of how tired I am after one little double. Then again I loved my other hostess job at the yacht club while I simply show up to work at the Italian job. It is not that the Italian job is not a good one either. I mean it gives me benefits and days off and it pays better then the other did but it is rare to love a work place and work people and if you do it becomes like a second home which is how I felt at the club.

So I sit here with my ham and Swiss sam'ich(and goodness help me I am thinking of making french toast) and my second glass of cab sauv(a very fine wine for six bucks if I do say so. I've had some that cost twenty that I did not like as much. Columbia Crest cab sauv deserves a try)and I realize that first I have an infection in my second earing hole which is just silly because I have not worn an earing in that hole for years, and second that its past two in the morning and I have mass at eleven and work at three thirty and I have to visit the farmers market in-between. Then to top it off I still want my french toast which is really just a vehicle to get the syrup that I ADORE into my mouth. I wish I would have never found that syrup.

prayers and wishes

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time to go home.

I'm pretty much an all or nothing kind of girl. If I want to be in the cold then there had best be snow. If I prefer it warm then it needs to reach scorching on a daily basis. Just like when we moved down to Florida I packed and left in three days. It's going to take just about the same amount of time for me to be ready to head back up to Yankee-ville. I was holding on for as long as possible but at this point God can't give any clearer signs that it's time to go home.


*Everything I owned of any value was stolen by the beau's step brother or mother.

*I have now had the transmissions in both cars go out.

*The old lady has battled fleas and heat stroke.

*We are all dealing with the never ending war of the bugs.

*I'm down to a few hours a week at a job I enjoy but is honestly going nowhere fast.

*My good friend is heading back home to Chicago and the other is on her way to start traveling the world (go Diane!).

Just in case that wasn't clear enough the beau is about to loose his job because the..ok I just can't even come up with a description for her,the"co-worker" who we also formerly rented from has decided that she isn't really getting along with him and due to the recent rash of transportation problems we've faced because of the transmission their supervisor is inclined to agree with her.


*My mom, sister and the other pups

*Pink Kitchenaid stand mixer(need I say more)

*Living in a house with a real yard instead of an apt

*Parking in a GARAGE!!!

I think all of this is a pretty clear message. So I am about to pack up and head up.

I wish I could say I would miss something important but the only thing I'm going to miss even a little is the beach. We have very few beaches in Indiana. We do have lakes though so I'll take what I can get. I'm not sure how much the old lady is going to enjoy her trip back up so starting tomorrow we are going to start tiny car rides to get her used to it.

Wish me luck and send me prayers

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh work at long last.

Well...sorta...kinda..So officially I have not been completely unemployed. I was still working part time two days a week. Now alas they have told me I may have three days a week. Oh joy something to do! You know something that doesn't involve coming up with ways to avoid all the cleaning that I should be doing since I'm having of all this free time of late. I am sad to say (and my grandmother would be after me with a paddle if she knew)that even with my free time my windows are not sparkling clean, my thank-you notes have not gone out and I really need to wash my floors. All of them. At first I was just relaxing because of the stress of season. (If you ever live in FL you will find that everything revolves around season) We obsess over it...we live it...we breath it..we complain about it endlessly then we complain that it's gone and we have nothing to do. I have now gone beyond relaxing and into sloth. It's bad. Real bad and it just has to stop. So that's my goal. I have a long to do list and it will all be done. First things first....thank you notes and windows.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Perhaps if I just look at it another way?

I have far to much to say to say it in an organized fashion. First I am pretty sure I am going to change churches. I thought that after I was with the current congregation for a bit they would warm to me and I could have another of the social outlets that I dearly love. This is not the case. They are just not that kind of church. Mass at a Roman Catholic church is usually an hour. Sometimes the singing at the end goes on a bit but they are pretty consistent(we are a consistent, guilt stricken people)my Mass on Sunday was only 48 minuets long....Excuse am I supposed to get my spiritual boomboom shaking with a shortened service? Then to make matters worse before I had even said my ending rosary the lady is saying that I must exit through the cry room because service is OVER! Pardon moi...on no I think not. I was looking forward to social activities and bingo with elderly ladies in big hats. My dream is crushed. So I'm attending a different Mass next Sunday with better results I hope.

I'm fairly sure the beau is heading back up North to Yankee town. I may have overheard him planning his plane trip back. "one way please and thank you" Oh well. Even jobless as I am I want to stick it out and wait and see what happens. I figure I have lasted this long I'm not going to sniff and go home now. Well unless I can't make my rent and electric then I may not have a choice. Today is also the first day that I have been out of work that I don't just feel like going to the beach. The beach is actually boring to me now. I'm craving that get up and go with purpose that I used to have. I am getting some good reading in now though. I will be well informed when I go back to work. Which I have an interview for tomorrow. Lets hope all goes well.

I'm off to find another book.....and perhaps a cheeseburger and a glass of chard?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Every day life slaps you down a little bit more.

There is not enough Stolichnaya or Chardonnay or Capri Lights in the state of Florida to quell this jitter inside me that comes from having no menz and no job. As of 10:15 on Tuesday morning(forever referred to as T-Day)I am jobless. Or at least mostly jobless. I still work 10 hours a week at the not to be named Italian Restaurant. Let me just say that this does not pay the bills. Not even close. I am now going to go through the grueling process of finding another job. Lets not even mention the 3rd flat tire this month that I got this morning on my way to search for jobs. The huge pulled pork sam-ich I got from the local BBQ joint did little to offer in way of a pick me up(unless we are talking about pounds going up. It did wonders for that). Smoked pork in sloppy sauce covered in slaw can only go so far.(Yes I know.....shouldn't have spent the money on it).....(did it anyway....if I'm going down I'm going down in a blaze of wine sipped, pork fed, cheese covered glory so help me...) Channel the Scarlett O'Hara imitation now. I will however prevail. I will go home tonight and I will form a plan....or have a big glass of Chard...or both. I should be feeling the skirred part anytime now but mostly I just wanna go sit on the beach. Look up that description of Southern Bombshell. I think somewhere it includes

"always ready to face the world with a big dose of denial, will continue to spend what she does not have, always looking forward with the hope that somehow something will come through that will bail her out"

It's that ever present hopefulness that makes us look a little glassy eyed and air-headed. That an we've been drinking....chin up....take a breath...mix a little cocktail....ready to face the world now. Where did I leave that damn feather boa again?

Here's to things looking up ladies!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Faux paradise I call you home

When you move to Florida people forget to tell you about all the bad stuff. All you will see in your mind is a huge beach full of hot men holding mixed drinks. It is nothing like that in real life. There are long hard seasonal hours in whatever job field you are in. There are bugs.....tons and tons of nasty squishy bugs and if you have a dog there will be fleas. There is nothing you can do about it short of a plastic bubble. All summer will be a constant fight because it never gets cold enough here to kill the suckers off. However that being said, there are some pretty nice beaches and I do just absolutely love living all of ten minuets from them. The men thing is a complete myth.

Realizing this morning that I am in the middle of what is soon to be a break-up of enormous proportions I should be very upset. But I'm just not. I am looking forward to having my home all to myself. Of being able to sleep in the middle of the bed WITH MY DOG! Of being able to eat or not eat whatever I want. Most of all of not having to chase after ten million billion half drank cans of coke. That's going to be real exciting like for me.

This is my list for men I need to find in the future:(courtesy of the SPQ)

1. someone who can fix things
2. someone you can dance with
3. someone who can pay for things
4. someone you can talk to
5. someone to have great sex with

Now if I can find all of those in one....well that would just be peachy!

I feel like life is just about to get interesting.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I've made yet another move

I am so glad to be back ya'll. How many times have I said that now?

Life has changed so dramatically in the last few months my head is still spinning. I have moved yet again and I started a new job.

The new abode is taking shape. Its going to take a while yet because I am determined not to purchase anything unless it's on sale, I love it, and perfect for the dream house in my mind.

This is my new chair, they match my flower pots perfectly and I got a PAIR of them for $20. The photo is a little sloppy because it's a cell phone shot but you get the idea. I will have more pics as the abode progresses. I see some yard sailing this weekend.

I will be back soon to add more updates. Have a great day Ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!