Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I will be a happy girl...I will be a happy girl....I will.....

I must say that the old lady did not look thrilled with going into her kennel cab this morning. I myself would take the invitation to sleep in a comfy bed with a blanket all day and run..but it's different when it's not by choice. I will have to make it up to her with treats.

I have decided in an effort to not be so irritated all the time(I do irritated really well)I'm gong to make a decision to be happy. When people irritate me and want to get a reaction out of me I'm simply going to smile and act happy/dumb. I've found that it confuses them and allows me to go to the happy white sale in my head.

I've become obsessed with finding perfect home goods of late. My desire for a sofa is out of control. I dream of sofas. I also have to get all my seasonal yard changes underway. My goals for the week.

1. Change to poinsettias in front door pots.
2. Plant mums
3. Clean out kitchen nook of all ebay paraphernalia.
4. Figure out a place to keep all ebay paraphernalia.
5. Find a new car(this is super important but I have been shopping for a new car off and on for the last three years and if I never see another auto trader again I will be just fine)
7. Find a front room tv, nothing huge just a place other than the bedroom(where the tv the beau must control at all times lives)that I can watch my new addictive tv shows at ALONE!(explaining chick shows is no way to enjoy my free time)