Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lord lay me down to sleep.

I am so tired I could cry. I am not sure if this is because I have turned into a wimp or because it really was a long day. If I am honest its because I am just not used to this all day schedule or you know cause I'm a wimp.

Last season I could do six days in a row from ten am to eleven pm as long as I had day seven as a half day. When I think of how long I worked seven days a week sixty plus hours it makes me ashamed of how tired I am after one little double. Then again I loved my other hostess job at the yacht club while I simply show up to work at the Italian job. It is not that the Italian job is not a good one either. I mean it gives me benefits and days off and it pays better then the other did but it is rare to love a work place and work people and if you do it becomes like a second home which is how I felt at the club.

So I sit here with my ham and Swiss sam'ich(and goodness help me I am thinking of making french toast) and my second glass of cab sauv(a very fine wine for six bucks if I do say so. I've had some that cost twenty that I did not like as much. Columbia Crest cab sauv deserves a try)and I realize that first I have an infection in my second earing hole which is just silly because I have not worn an earing in that hole for years, and second that its past two in the morning and I have mass at eleven and work at three thirty and I have to visit the farmers market in-between. Then to top it off I still want my french toast which is really just a vehicle to get the syrup that I ADORE into my mouth. I wish I would have never found that syrup.

prayers and wishes

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Time to go home.

I'm pretty much an all or nothing kind of girl. If I want to be in the cold then there had best be snow. If I prefer it warm then it needs to reach scorching on a daily basis. Just like when we moved down to Florida I packed and left in three days. It's going to take just about the same amount of time for me to be ready to head back up to Yankee-ville. I was holding on for as long as possible but at this point God can't give any clearer signs that it's time to go home.


*Everything I owned of any value was stolen by the beau's step brother or mother.

*I have now had the transmissions in both cars go out.

*The old lady has battled fleas and heat stroke.

*We are all dealing with the never ending war of the bugs.

*I'm down to a few hours a week at a job I enjoy but is honestly going nowhere fast.

*My good friend is heading back home to Chicago and the other is on her way to start traveling the world (go Diane!).

Just in case that wasn't clear enough the beau is about to loose his job because the..ok I just can't even come up with a description for her,the"co-worker" who we also formerly rented from has decided that she isn't really getting along with him and due to the recent rash of transportation problems we've faced because of the transmission their supervisor is inclined to agree with her.


*My mom, sister and the other pups

*Pink Kitchenaid stand mixer(need I say more)

*Living in a house with a real yard instead of an apt

*Parking in a GARAGE!!!

I think all of this is a pretty clear message. So I am about to pack up and head up.

I wish I could say I would miss something important but the only thing I'm going to miss even a little is the beach. We have very few beaches in Indiana. We do have lakes though so I'll take what I can get. I'm not sure how much the old lady is going to enjoy her trip back up so starting tomorrow we are going to start tiny car rides to get her used to it.

Wish me luck and send me prayers

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh work at long last.

Well...sorta...kinda..So officially I have not been completely unemployed. I was still working part time two days a week. Now alas they have told me I may have three days a week. Oh joy something to do! You know something that doesn't involve coming up with ways to avoid all the cleaning that I should be doing since I'm having of all this free time of late. I am sad to say (and my grandmother would be after me with a paddle if she knew)that even with my free time my windows are not sparkling clean, my thank-you notes have not gone out and I really need to wash my floors. All of them. At first I was just relaxing because of the stress of season. (If you ever live in FL you will find that everything revolves around season) We obsess over it...we live it...we breath it..we complain about it endlessly then we complain that it's gone and we have nothing to do. I have now gone beyond relaxing and into sloth. It's bad. Real bad and it just has to stop. So that's my goal. I have a long to do list and it will all be done. First things first....thank you notes and windows.