Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The diffrence between the men and the ladies

This is the dialog of our evening after beau and I get home.

B: What are we doing for supper

SB: Umm I was planning on making (insert dish here)

B: That's going to take to long I'm hungry now...can't you just make me a sandwich.

SB: If I make you a sandwich you won't eat supper and besides why am I elected to make the sandwich? If you want a sandwich make a sandwich.

B: Whatever then I'm just going to run to (insert fast food chain here)

SB: Can't you just wait, I went to the grocery store so we would have meals for everyday this week. It will only take a little bit for me to fix it and by the time I'm done you will be all settled in. Just let the old lady out and I'll start on supper.

B: Fine just hurry up

Ok so two hours later this is the conversation, it happened to be about nachos this time but this is a common conversation for us. Our days run like clockwork.

SB: Are you done? Do you want me to take your plate?

B: No I think I am going to have more.

SB: Ok, I'm going to go read my book then. Can you clean up all the taco meat of the floor and the counters before you go to bed?

B: What taco meat?

SB: The taco meat you dumped all over the floor and the counters when you made your plate....and the tomato bits to for that matter.

B: Fine I'll do it when I'm done.

This right here is the difference between the ladies and the men folk.

In his defense he did sort of wipe things up. But it didn't really do much. And his cleaning the taco meat off the floor was calling the dog in to eat it. Lets not even talk about what spicy food does to the old lady because it's just not very pleasant. I went in and proceeded to do all the dishes and spray all the counters with disinfectant and wiped them down. I'm a little crazy about germs so I'm pretty liberal with the germ killing,de-greasing spray. What I am dying to know though is do they just not realize they only cleaned up thirty percent of the mess...or do they just not care?