Monday, June 21, 2010

Perhaps if I just look at it another way?

I have far to much to say to say it in an organized fashion. First I am pretty sure I am going to change churches. I thought that after I was with the current congregation for a bit they would warm to me and I could have another of the social outlets that I dearly love. This is not the case. They are just not that kind of church. Mass at a Roman Catholic church is usually an hour. Sometimes the singing at the end goes on a bit but they are pretty consistent(we are a consistent, guilt stricken people)my Mass on Sunday was only 48 minuets long....Excuse am I supposed to get my spiritual boomboom shaking with a shortened service? Then to make matters worse before I had even said my ending rosary the lady is saying that I must exit through the cry room because service is OVER! Pardon moi...on no I think not. I was looking forward to social activities and bingo with elderly ladies in big hats. My dream is crushed. So I'm attending a different Mass next Sunday with better results I hope.

I'm fairly sure the beau is heading back up North to Yankee town. I may have overheard him planning his plane trip back. "one way please and thank you" Oh well. Even jobless as I am I want to stick it out and wait and see what happens. I figure I have lasted this long I'm not going to sniff and go home now. Well unless I can't make my rent and electric then I may not have a choice. Today is also the first day that I have been out of work that I don't just feel like going to the beach. The beach is actually boring to me now. I'm craving that get up and go with purpose that I used to have. I am getting some good reading in now though. I will be well informed when I go back to work. Which I have an interview for tomorrow. Lets hope all goes well.

I'm off to find another book.....and perhaps a cheeseburger and a glass of chard?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Every day life slaps you down a little bit more.

There is not enough Stolichnaya or Chardonnay or Capri Lights in the state of Florida to quell this jitter inside me that comes from having no menz and no job. As of 10:15 on Tuesday morning(forever referred to as T-Day)I am jobless. Or at least mostly jobless. I still work 10 hours a week at the not to be named Italian Restaurant. Let me just say that this does not pay the bills. Not even close. I am now going to go through the grueling process of finding another job. Lets not even mention the 3rd flat tire this month that I got this morning on my way to search for jobs. The huge pulled pork sam-ich I got from the local BBQ joint did little to offer in way of a pick me up(unless we are talking about pounds going up. It did wonders for that). Smoked pork in sloppy sauce covered in slaw can only go so far.(Yes I know.....shouldn't have spent the money on it).....(did it anyway....if I'm going down I'm going down in a blaze of wine sipped, pork fed, cheese covered glory so help me...) Channel the Scarlett O'Hara imitation now. I will however prevail. I will go home tonight and I will form a plan....or have a big glass of Chard...or both. I should be feeling the skirred part anytime now but mostly I just wanna go sit on the beach. Look up that description of Southern Bombshell. I think somewhere it includes

"always ready to face the world with a big dose of denial, will continue to spend what she does not have, always looking forward with the hope that somehow something will come through that will bail her out"

It's that ever present hopefulness that makes us look a little glassy eyed and air-headed. That an we've been drinking....chin up....take a breath...mix a little cocktail....ready to face the world now. Where did I leave that damn feather boa again?

Here's to things looking up ladies!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Faux paradise I call you home

When you move to Florida people forget to tell you about all the bad stuff. All you will see in your mind is a huge beach full of hot men holding mixed drinks. It is nothing like that in real life. There are long hard seasonal hours in whatever job field you are in. There are bugs.....tons and tons of nasty squishy bugs and if you have a dog there will be fleas. There is nothing you can do about it short of a plastic bubble. All summer will be a constant fight because it never gets cold enough here to kill the suckers off. However that being said, there are some pretty nice beaches and I do just absolutely love living all of ten minuets from them. The men thing is a complete myth.

Realizing this morning that I am in the middle of what is soon to be a break-up of enormous proportions I should be very upset. But I'm just not. I am looking forward to having my home all to myself. Of being able to sleep in the middle of the bed WITH MY DOG! Of being able to eat or not eat whatever I want. Most of all of not having to chase after ten million billion half drank cans of coke. That's going to be real exciting like for me.

This is my list for men I need to find in the future:(courtesy of the SPQ)

1. someone who can fix things
2. someone you can dance with
3. someone who can pay for things
4. someone you can talk to
5. someone to have great sex with

Now if I can find all of those in one....well that would just be peachy!

I feel like life is just about to get interesting.