Monday, June 21, 2010

Perhaps if I just look at it another way?

I have far to much to say to say it in an organized fashion. First I am pretty sure I am going to change churches. I thought that after I was with the current congregation for a bit they would warm to me and I could have another of the social outlets that I dearly love. This is not the case. They are just not that kind of church. Mass at a Roman Catholic church is usually an hour. Sometimes the singing at the end goes on a bit but they are pretty consistent(we are a consistent, guilt stricken people)my Mass on Sunday was only 48 minuets long....Excuse am I supposed to get my spiritual boomboom shaking with a shortened service? Then to make matters worse before I had even said my ending rosary the lady is saying that I must exit through the cry room because service is OVER! Pardon moi...on no I think not. I was looking forward to social activities and bingo with elderly ladies in big hats. My dream is crushed. So I'm attending a different Mass next Sunday with better results I hope.

I'm fairly sure the beau is heading back up North to Yankee town. I may have overheard him planning his plane trip back. "one way please and thank you" Oh well. Even jobless as I am I want to stick it out and wait and see what happens. I figure I have lasted this long I'm not going to sniff and go home now. Well unless I can't make my rent and electric then I may not have a choice. Today is also the first day that I have been out of work that I don't just feel like going to the beach. The beach is actually boring to me now. I'm craving that get up and go with purpose that I used to have. I am getting some good reading in now though. I will be well informed when I go back to work. Which I have an interview for tomorrow. Lets hope all goes well.

I'm off to find another book.....and perhaps a cheeseburger and a glass of chard?

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