Thursday, June 10, 2010

Faux paradise I call you home

When you move to Florida people forget to tell you about all the bad stuff. All you will see in your mind is a huge beach full of hot men holding mixed drinks. It is nothing like that in real life. There are long hard seasonal hours in whatever job field you are in. There are bugs.....tons and tons of nasty squishy bugs and if you have a dog there will be fleas. There is nothing you can do about it short of a plastic bubble. All summer will be a constant fight because it never gets cold enough here to kill the suckers off. However that being said, there are some pretty nice beaches and I do just absolutely love living all of ten minuets from them. The men thing is a complete myth.

Realizing this morning that I am in the middle of what is soon to be a break-up of enormous proportions I should be very upset. But I'm just not. I am looking forward to having my home all to myself. Of being able to sleep in the middle of the bed WITH MY DOG! Of being able to eat or not eat whatever I want. Most of all of not having to chase after ten million billion half drank cans of coke. That's going to be real exciting like for me.

This is my list for men I need to find in the future:(courtesy of the SPQ)

1. someone who can fix things
2. someone you can dance with
3. someone who can pay for things
4. someone you can talk to
5. someone to have great sex with

Now if I can find all of those in one....well that would just be peachy!

I feel like life is just about to get interesting.

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