Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New year New loves!

With work and the beau I have been so super busy! I'm hoping to start all kinds of positive trends in my life this upcoming year but so far it's been kind of a bust. I have a few new things to tell you about however.

I found this and it reminded me of the New Years Bash over at Terry and Alana's house. Note to self: don't let the tipsiest person person at the party pour shots. (apple pucker, tequila, and gin???? Yes Mary I'm talkin to you!) I know a lot of people who went through these 9 steps. Not myself of course. I never drink I just sip.....a lot.

Since I am unable to find someone to do an acceptable job on my acrylics(you know I love big hair and long nails) I am trying my best to embrace short stubby little nubs. I hate them but I love this color. It's called Plazaplumberry by NYC. For around $2 it's a steal as long as you use a good top coat. Mucho compliments from coworkers and guests at work.

One of the things I'm really trying to do this year is eat better. I am hoping that if I really try I will be able to take my *fat picture* off the fridge. It helps that this is pretty yummy. Greek yogurt with honey crisp apple pieces.
Speaking of yogurt this stuff is marvelous. Tangy and slightly sweet. This is the only brand I've found that is good though. I don't care what John Stamos says that Oikos stuff is nasty.

This is my new tv crush Christian Kane. I think he's just dreamy. Hehe. I'm not often a fan of long hair on men but he's also from Texas and has the whole rough and tough cowboy thing going for him. For right now he plays Eliot Spencer on Leverage which also happens to be one of my favorite shows. He's got this whole bad boy gone good thing on the show. In real life I'm pretty sure Christian is who Jasmine Rae was singin' bout in Hunky Country Boy.
These are my newest obsession. So neutral so cute. Unfortunately they are so out of my price range it's not even funny.
I think these might be a good compromise. Ghetto fabulous is their usual style but I have been really happy with all the pairs of Guess shoes I have. They are as comfortable as heels get and very stylish.