Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh work ...work at long last.

Well...sorta...kinda..So officially I have not been completely unemployed. I was still working part time two days a week. Now alas they have told me I may have three days a week. Oh joy something to do! You know something that doesn't involve coming up with ways to avoid all the cleaning that I should be doing since I'm having of all this free time of late. I am sad to say (and my grandmother would be after me with a paddle if she knew)that even with my free time my windows are not sparkling clean, my thank-you notes have not gone out and I really need to wash my floors. All of them. At first I was just relaxing because of the stress of season. (If you ever live in FL you will find that everything revolves around season) We obsess over it...we live it...we breath it..we complain about it endlessly then we complain that it's gone and we have nothing to do. I have now gone beyond relaxing and into sloth. It's bad. Real bad and it just has to stop. So that's my goal. I have a long to do list and it will all be done. First things first....thank you notes and windows.

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