Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lord lay me down to sleep.

I am so tired I could cry. I am not sure if this is because I have turned into a wimp or because it really was a long day. If I am honest its because I am just not used to this all day schedule or you know cause I'm a wimp.

Last season I could do six days in a row from ten am to eleven pm as long as I had day seven as a half day. When I think of how long I worked seven days a week sixty plus hours it makes me ashamed of how tired I am after one little double. Then again I loved my other hostess job at the yacht club while I simply show up to work at the Italian job. It is not that the Italian job is not a good one either. I mean it gives me benefits and days off and it pays better then the other did but it is rare to love a work place and work people and if you do it becomes like a second home which is how I felt at the club.

So I sit here with my ham and Swiss sam'ich(and goodness help me I am thinking of making french toast) and my second glass of cab sauv(a very fine wine for six bucks if I do say so. I've had some that cost twenty that I did not like as much. Columbia Crest cab sauv deserves a try)and I realize that first I have an infection in my second earing hole which is just silly because I have not worn an earing in that hole for years, and second that its past two in the morning and I have mass at eleven and work at three thirty and I have to visit the farmers market in-between. Then to top it off I still want my french toast which is really just a vehicle to get the syrup that I ADORE into my mouth. I wish I would have never found that syrup.

prayers and wishes

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