Tuesday, September 28, 2010

work can spoil a gals day dontcha know

fell asleep before washing clothes last night. smell like kfc now. however craving for fried chicken has been obliterated. perhaps forever.

sprayed much fabreeze and coco chanel. now i smell like expensive french fried chicken. hope garlic smell at work will cover said smell.

ebay items did not sell. am sure this is in direct result of my greedy over pricing. will relist tom at lower prices.

stopped at whole foods for an iced latte before work. find disturbing number of employees with pierced facial parts. if i wasnt so thirsty and sleepy this would put me straight off my latte. those quarter sized holes in your ear lobes are going to look mighty funny when your eighty

excited to be reading new mystery. sadly misread the author name and find self with book on roe vs wade. not the fictional mysterious joyfest i was looking for.

must finish unsweetened iced latte. five donuts in two days means no fun food or drinks. then on to work.

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