Friday, October 22, 2010

Just to send some good thoughts out there.

I have often wondered what it would be like if everyone was just a bit nicer. Just let that one car in front of you on the road. Just hold the door open that extra bit for the person behind you. Let the person with just one thing go check out in front of you in line at the supermarket. Offer to help the elderly lady with the arms full of stuff. Help the bus boy out at the restaurant and keep your table clean. Just make a daily effort not to be a jerk and to do something nice. Even when you are busy and have a lot going on. You never know what little thing you might do that might make a world of difference to someone. I will never ever forget how much the guys at the tire place helped me out when I got that flat in the rain, with no AAA and between paychecks.

However in my never ending attempts to be just a bit kinder I have noticed something, thank you's have gone by the wayside. At some point people decided that saying thank you for a kindness was simply not necessary. Perhaps that's why so few people do nice things these days.

I have had enough of horrid manners, I am so done with them I can't even put it into words.

Umm hey there I just held the door open for you and your in-laws and your five screaming children while you pushed the sixth through the door in a stroller and you can't spare me so much as a thanks? If not because you want to show your kids how they ought to be acting then because you feel some form of gratitude.

But alas no, that would be the unthinkable. So I've started to fight back....with kindness. I held the door open for a lady yesterday who breezed through with out a look back so I simply said oh hi there I do believe you dropped something and of course she said what...the answer was staring me in the face.....I believe you've dropped your manners. The brief moment of confusion passed across her features and I could see the thoughts at war inside her head
Why is this strange girl talking to me...
What could I have possibly done wrong...

Then before she could continue her jedi mind war I said in the sweetest tone I know...I was just under the impression when someone does you a favor, such as holding a door open for you the proper response is thank you, but maybe I'm mistaken. You have a good afternoon now ya hear?

I know that one is not supposed to question your elders but when the elders act like toddlers but with out the joyous heart something must be done. So I think I'm going to start calling people on it. At work I can only get away with the sly "your welcome" when no thank-you is forthcoming because that's almost an automatic response for people but out it in every day life....Watch out people best pull your best manners up!

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