Friday, September 17, 2010

Drama Drama Drama

It is only nineish in the morn and already the day has expressed its need for the dramatic.

After many attempts to waken the beau were ignored he eventualy flew out of bed super late. Little did I know that we would be soon breaking speed records as well as my ear drums(I tried to tell him the lights could not hear his swearing but I guess HE could not hear me). As if the risk of death and loss of hearing were not enough excitment my car flashed the check motor light. Lucky for me it was just a battery and it was still covered until 2011.

Gosh all I wanted to do was go to the beach today. I will admit that my splurge at the Starbucks of a pumpkin spice latte and blueberry scone has done its fair share of spreading cheer. Lets just hope for happy thrifting later.


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