Monday, September 20, 2010

Comme si comme sa

Today is just a so so day. Noting bad but nothing amazing either. My phone battery is about to die so that's a little disappointing but perhaps it's a hint? I do enjoy rather long telephone conversations with both my mama and TG just about every morning. I hit the Goodwill this morning and I found some pretty cute Yves Saint Laurent summer slides.

They have the most fetching little diamond mirrors then diamond rhinestones on them. In near perfect condition as well. I believe Tuesday will be my listing day so I will have many pictures to take this eventing so everything will be up and going by tomorrow.

I have also just realized that you can get almost any tv series at the library. It's amazing! I was able to order Bones, Weeds, The closer and a few others. I swear with how much moola we waste at the Blockbuster it's a God send. Now of course I'll be addicted to the dvd player for the next two weeks until I'm out of movies. I seem to have missed the gene that allows one to do things in moderation. Why have one doughnut when one could have two? If some is good then it goes to reason that more will be better. At least in my mind. But I also believe in not leaving the house without my face on, wearing heels as often as possible and big hair(Elnett is magic). I would have done so well in the eighties or the fifties. Better clothes in the fifties though. If you thought drugs were an expensive(not to mention deadly)habit you should check out how much a thing of La Mer face cream goes for. Not that I would spend that much, we have an Estee Lauder outlet near by that keeps me pretty darn happy. I always knew I would be high maintenance but geez it's getting crazy even for me. I guess I will have to keep on Ebaying to fund my beauty habits. Shopping is like exercise right?

In an attempt to economize(yeah....right.....moderation again) I tried out the pumpkin spice latte from Dunkin Doughnuts as it's a good two dollars cheaper then the Starbucks. I now know why. Oh well I'm never one to let half decent coffee go to waste.

Off to look for more books to read and then to lunch with the beau!

Happy shopping, sleeping, cooking, or what have you!


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