Thursday, September 16, 2010

I hit the mother load!

I am addicted to the Ebay. Both the buying and the selling. Luckily for moi I haven't had bunches of money to spend on online shopping. I have however had more then enough unemployed time on my hands to gather merchandise to list. This is very exciting. I love listing almost as much as I love selling. I do think there is a bit of a karma rule to it though. If I am lucky enough to find an item at a good enough price that I can re-sell it on the Ebay for a profit then I believe I should offer a bit of that discount to my buyers.

Since I only buy something I can make over a 100% profit I'm never willing to spend to much on an item. If I pay five dollars I might start the listing at ten depending on the kind of item, even if all the other like items are at thirty. I figure as long as I'm meeting or exceeding my profit goal I'm not going to be greedy. Greed is the tumbling block of womankind you know.

Today however I came across a gem. A real true blue steal at only five dollars. This is the kind of thrifting gals dream of. As I was wandering along the shoe area in the White Elephant(see a theme yet?)I came across.......wait for it......a vintage pair of KARL LAGERFELD black satin with rhinestone evening shoes. For those that are asking who that is, let me just put it like this. He designed for CHANEL!

If these beauties weren't a size eight and a half mama'd have herself a new pair of shoes. Aren't they cute? They will be making their appearance on the Ebay on Monday I think. They aren't quite ready for their close up yet.

I had two other pretty good finds as well. A lime green with hot pink polo player Ralph Lauren polo shirt and a super cute Chinese Laundry handbag. I think I'll be sending the handbag off to my best friend TommyGirl(she has been a loyal Tommy Hilfiger girl since 1999 at least). TG recently witnessed the destruction of her super cute Nicole Lee bag. She's hurting right now. This should cheer her up!

Well I'm off to manage my listings.

Hugs,wishes and happy shopping!


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