Thursday, January 22, 2009

One ugly ottoman

So today was supposed to be my big shopping day so I could restock my inventory(up above is what it looked like out side, you can see why I was hesitant to leave my nice warm home right?) I have been slacking quite a bit lately with the hunting for new stuff thing. I always mean to go out and get it done but I just get distracted so easily(by things like blog reading hehe). I love to get fresh new old things for my customers and I hate disappointing them because I haven't been on the ball. One thing that I know my customers love about what I sell is that I like to have a truly usable product for them. On ebay if I'm selling a coat and I have my model wearing a hat in the picture then the hat goes with the coat so you get the whole look. For my antiques I like to provide quality made pieces that will blend seamlessly into someones modern decor. Since most of what I sell is more for people who just want something unique to decorate with and less for the "serious" collector I have some room with what I can do to the furniture I find. I can spice it up with new upholstery or some throw pillows and even paint. When I got this Victorian bench it was green and had a blue crushed velvet seat with a brown pleather back and I think I only paid four buckaroos for it. Please ignore my phone box underneath. I never know what to do with those boxes, I don't use them but I hate to toss them.
However occasionally, usually at an auction I get this fever that leads me to bidding on things I don't need and can't sell. For example at the end of an auction they box up what didn't sell and offer it for a dollar a box. I am queen of the dollar boxes. I have amassed a huge collection of mismatched tea cups and saucers and once I even got a brand new still in the box popcorn maker from the 70's.

I also got this monster ottoman. It's like the hulk of ottomans. Actually it's like this huge white elephant I have been piling things on and having to make my way around hoping that one day I'll come into my office and it will have disappeared. That has yet to happen and as I am now in such dire need for inventory that the 50 trillion "vintage" Avon bottles my gran gave me are starting to look pretty good. Like that grasshopper would start to look pretty yummy if you were stuck on an inhabitable island for months with no food, you don't really want to but you are getting that desperate. I am starting to think the ottoman has possibilities. So I have decided to attempt a complete redo on it and lawd help me because while I have recovered a gabillion chairs and settees I have yet to make an actual slip cover sort of thing for a single piece of furniture. You could say I'm a bit rusty with the sewing machine, I haven't used it in so long it's probably going to eat my fabric just out of spite. So by sometime next week I have a HUGE goal. Make this monstrosity. into something beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Something that hopefully one of my dear customers will fall in love with and just have to have. So here is to hoping! I will update you as I progress or ya know just decide to leave the thing out with the rubbish on Sunday. btw the huge pile of fabric is what used to be on it, I may have gotten just a tiny bit carried away with my fabric shears.

My review for the day is on Matrix sleek looks shampoo and conditioner. They smell great they have a cool bottle but I hate to say it.........not worth the moolah. I have naturally curly hair and they just didn't do anything for me not even a little bit.

Now for the NO NO..people who make ridiculous offers on things others are selling. I have a dear dear friend who is pressed for money in this tight economy like so many others. He has decided to sell his summer car after much deliberation(a lot of people have winter beaters up here because the snow and salt is so hard on a vehicle) and come up with a more then reasonable price. As in a good 9k less then Kelly blue book. This puts his asking price at a mere 10k which would be an incredible deal for anybody. Then he gets the call, the one asking if he would be willing to take $4,500 AND throw in a free tank of gas. This is for the people who see a good deal and get greedy and ask for more. We all know them, the people who try to bargain down a .50 cent item to .10 cents at a yard sale. I like what Edie over at Life in Grace said on her blog the other day.....DO WHAT????(said with a very high pitched astonished squeal) The other option involved words that I try very hard not to say. Me attempting to be a lady and all.

My go go is much better will really brighten up a gals day. I would like to say a super huge-pink kisses with hearts and fireworks thank you to the guy that helped me when I got super duper stuck in a snow bank. Stuck....I'm sorry I meant cemented, bogged, super glued and plastered in that snow bank. Thank you city officials for deciding that we can use sand instead of salt, because that is really working out great for all of us people who don't drive heavy duty hummers-thanks a lot. Anyways this incredible gentleman assisted my poor trapped vehicle out of it's dire situation. If I knew where he was I would bring muffins in thanks!

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