Monday, January 26, 2009

Biscuts and Gravy........yum

This should have been posted on Sunday, however I am a lazy lazy gal and I am just now getting to it. This is my recipe, with photos of how to make the most delish biscuits and sausage gravy EVER! Cooking it in a cast iron skillet is not mandatory but it does give it that southern charm. I awoke bright and early at 6am on Sunday morning just raring to go. I got myself ready for Mass, I did a bit of cleaning and off I went.......I even got their 10 minuets early instead of late for once. Then as I drove home I passed TWO Arby signs advertising biscuits and gravy and it started a bit of an obsession. My daddy was also visiting this weekend and I always like to cook when he is here because I know he doesn't usually cook for himself being a guy and all. Off I went to Wally world to gather the necessary ingredients to compile my feast. Here is how it went

First I had to go put on my super cute cow appron, now nothing I fixed this morning had anything to do with beef but I mean the cow is wearing a bow so I have to wear it as much as possible. (if you look closely you'll see it's talking about the different cuts of meat-yes it disturbs me a little bit to see this cute cow separated to be munched on's a cartoon right?)

Then it's time to assemble my ingredients and heat my skillet, I usually heat my skillet in the oven for about 10 min first at around 325 just to heat it thoroughly...I'm not sure if this is necessary or not but my gran did it and it makes me feel better to go ahead and do it.

Up above you can see the canned biscuits that I shouldn't be using however my biscuits have yet to come out of the oven as good as the canned ones so until they do I'm stickin with the sure bet.

Next up I put the biscuits in the oven, I always use a round pan-I'm not sure why but once again it makes me feel better so I'm just gonna keep on doing it. Next to my breakfast sausage you can see last nights tortilla chips which were almost as yummy as what I'm making, and the honey from the local farmers market ( I put honey in.......well just about anything I can), as well as the left over candy canes and I think that's bread there next to them.
These are what I was munching on while I was making brunch.
Healthy right? Darn that candy isle being so close to all the other isles in the store.

Next up we brown our sausage ( I use sage breakfast sausage, if you like things a little spicy you can mix half hot sausage with half sage) I sprinkle a few red pepper flakes in with it.....FEW like 5 little bitty flakes.
While this is browning I take the time to get my gravy starter ready. My method is a bit controversial among the true gravy makers out there, yes I know I should just mix the flour with the sausage and I mean flavor..then add milk. I however find it much easier to just mix a cup of milk with half a cup of flour and beat with a wisk until combined.
Then it looks like this! Yes that is my nasty icky bacon grease sitting next to my dogs unfinished breakfast kibble. Just ignore those and pay attention the the beautiful mixture that is going to become perfect gravy! Ok so after your sausage looks like this-
You can add your milk/flour mixture and adjust your temperature to this, I know you are going to want to jack that temp up to make it cook faster, but don't just resist temptation and wait it out. It's so worth it I pink promise!

Do not drain your sausage!!! All those drippings and grease.........flavor I mean........are what makes gravy taste like something other then milk and flour, which would be gross. So now that you have added your mixture to your UN-DRAINED sausage you should have something that looks like this, if it doesn't then I think you may have made an oopsy.
Just kind of mix this around a bit so the sausage and the mix get all squishy and combined. Then cover your sausage just until you can see a little bit sticking out with milk and stir it together until you can tell it's combined.
This is not too much milk, it will turn into thick gravy I promise. Just keep stirring it every little bit and wait for it to cook down a little. Then you will have yummy gravy like this
Now these next two steps are important first taste your gravy
Then you can decide if you need salt or pepper. I personally love a lot of pepper in mine, but it's a taste thing. When everything was all said and done I had a lovely brunch didn't make it onto the fancy china and it was just served buffet style but it tasted just as good!
Those candles off on the side are 75% off at Kroger right now, which made them about 4 dollars a piece. Not a bad deal if you are a candle addict like me. I wish you all yummy breakfasts and good wishes!


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh goodness. my stomach just tried to jump out of my body and eat the monitor, this looks so good!!! and you NEVER GET RID OF DRIPPINGS. my god that's like killing your cat!!!

    also? tzatziki sauce? uh, blows my mind. and it tastes NOTHING like the russian salad. trust me! also? i think you're talking about blintzes, pronounced blinchiki's, or this other thing i can't think of the name of at the moment. but i will find that damn dough recipe for ya girl! do not fret!!

  2. piroshki!!! that's what i was thinking of. blinchiki's? eh. not that good. is this what yo uwere talkin about???????

  3. Yes that's it!!! Those little things are amazing. I always volunteered to help her family make them because it meant I got to take some home with me :) YUM!Thank you!

  4. Biscuits and gravy are an all-time favorite in my family. I stopped making my own biscuits years ago when I discovered the frozen kind. I like them better than the can. But they're not as fun to open.