Monday, January 19, 2009

My blogging plans

Ok so here is the deal, now I love a good ramble as much as the next gal but I am hoping to add something of substance. So I have decided on adding two things first reviews on products, any products. Wouldn't it save us all a bunch of time and effort if we knew that the - insert product here-was not really going to work, and second what I am going to call NO-NO or GO-GO which is basically my version of do's and don'ts. Hopefully with pictures soon.

Ok my very first product

Purpose gentle cleansing wash
Love Love Love this product, I used to be one of those girls who needed something to get that mascara off and something else for the I just smother myself with this stuff and rinse. It's made by Johnson & Johnson so it's almost tear free, now I'm not saying rub it in your eye and find out but I wear contacts and use it for my eye makeup and it works GREAT with no irratation.....but than again I'm not rubbing it in my eyes. 9.5 out of 10 (my only complaint is that it has almost a non smell, however this is great for those of you out there with sensitive sniffers!)

My No-No for the night is .....wait for it............Uggs with shorts....IN THE SNOW!!!
I thought at first I was just a little, ya know sensitive but then I really thought about it (every time I was in the presence of a mini skirt/shorts, ugg wearing....cough cough...young lady) and I had a moment of divine understanding. If it is cold enough for fur lined boots-It is cold enough for pants! I mean it was 7 degrees here for most of the day and I saw not one or two gals out in this combo but four, and one of them was a mother dragging three kids behind her. I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt though because with three kids under the age of 5 I'm surprised she can get out of the house remembering to wear shoes at all!

My Go-Go for the day is....drum roll please(jelly roll to oh well) All of the gals pulling on the super cute hats! You loose something like 80% of your heat through your head, I think...deffinetly don't quote me on that, but yeah if you can look to cute for words and stay go-go with your bad self....yes I know that was lame but come on lets here it for girl power! What's your worst No-No or Go-GO?

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