Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lets get this thing started!

I'm telling you now this is my very first blog ever so please don't judge to harshly(yum definitely meant harshly.....sorry I get sidetracked easily :) and please enjoy!

Let me say that I am by no means any good in anyway at this computer stuff. I stink at in every way possible. At times I have been known to beg my computer to please please help me do what I'm trying to do, I will whisper sweet nothings in it's speakers I will even promise to give it it's very own car, room or house if it will just please let me get the pictures from my camera onto my um hard drive? I think that's where it puts them.

So this is my first post, it's past midnight on a Sunday night. I have to get up early Monday morning and like usual I just can not sleep. We had a little bitty power outage, during which I begged my house to please just fix the cable(I am so weak when it comes to my viewing pleasure),it can keep the lights becauseI so don't need lights to watch the television. So after doing a little bit of cleaning-read I used the vacuum on the kitchen floor. I thought it would be a good idea to turn my computer back on and make sure I had not lost anything, not that I would notice if I had but hey it sounded like the thing to do. That of course led to me checking the blogs that I had bookmarked. So now I have a blog, granted it's a bit lame at this time since I have no clue what I'm doing with it yet but hey I'm ah

Just a little bit of info, and if anyone is reading this.....anyone, anyone at all please feel free to ask any questions you might have and I will definitely/probably answer them! I am a twenty something misplaced southern girl. Very very southern, I have the seasoned cast iron skillet to prove it! The south is in my blood, heart, and mind and I miss it dearly. A few years back I was dragged kicking and screaming up to Indiana for my daddy's(yep daddy and mama, I'm old school like that) work. I was given two weeks notice and told it would be fun to have snow for the holidays. Snow is hm.....super long as you don't have to leave the house for things like work and school and you! I did not even own a winter coat when I moved up here and was greeted with below yes I said BELOW zero temperatures. Then I made friends, graduated and started working up here and decided maybe it wasn't so bad. I love how if you say something often enough you can almost believe it. So these are the basics about me. First I love people I love getting to meet new people and talk. I am one of those people who will try to talk to you in the checkout lane. I know it freaks some of you out and I'm sorry but I just can't help it........I just wanna be friends!!! Second I am a
girly girl. If it's pink, sparkles and maybe comes wrapped in a feather boa I am going to be all over that like white on rice........feathers on a bird? I don't know, but ya know what I mean. Third I sell antiques in the real world and vintage clothes in the ebay world and I LOVE it. I will enlist the nearest person to be my model and let me dress them up for my ebay pictures, it's all in the details you know. The only problem with selling antiques is that I want to keep almost all of them. I am a furniture hoarder like nobodies business. I don't suggest it either, I promise you can only fit so much furniture in one house and I am so over that limit. I'm also a shoe, make up and purse hoarder. And I have yet to meet a piece of chocolate I didn't like(also a bit of a problem hehe). Ok so that's enough for tonight. If all my fellow bloggers and blogettes will give me some time I pink promise to make this blog at least half way interesting. If I can make one other woman out there go "oh thank gawd I'm not alone!" I will have done my job.

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