Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shameless......just shameless!

Ok, first let me say that yes I know I have no shame at all. I am a picker. As in I wander the historic district of downtown on garbage day hoping some poor unsuspecting soul has thrown out say an antique chair from a lost Chippendale set. Or and this is my favorite a box of great grandmas old clothes from like forever ago(perhaps the 1950's.......please please the 1950's and not the1970's). Now if it's in an actual garbage can.......ok even I'm not that dedicated. However anything next to the garbage can is fair game. So it see the box and what looks like a perfect fox collared twill coat sticking out of the edge. Next is the dimming of the head lights, ya gota be super spy girl or it's no fun. So you get close and you hopefully look down into the box and alas it is stained and ripped and of no value at all, but wait what is that next to it. A crinoline?Oh it is! You pull it out of the box and there it is the perfect 1950's evening dress with a full skirt and little beaded martini glasses sprinkled all over it. And that's when it happens, the addiction has started. Then when you find out some wonderful woman over in Australia is going to pay you the big bucks for it oh it's on then. However let me just say that not every day is that lucky. I searched for hours yesterday for just one so so find, and I got nada just a whole bunch of looking through lost 80's flashbacks and a few 70's polyester knits.
However on the upside I did pick up a bottle of wine on the way home for an amazing five dollars that was darn good. That is my review for the day Beringer 2007 Moscato was the bomb diggity fo sho. Was that the 90's or the 80's?

Now my No-No for yesterday might just seem like nothing, but to me it's a biggy, when did men decide that they don't have to hold the door open anymore? I may run my own bussiness and I may know how to change the oil in my car(that doesn't mean I'm going to do it mind you, just that I think a girl should be aware)but lawd help me if men can't bother to hold the open the door for a lady. And lawd save the women who don't say thank you when they do remember to hold the door open! Now on to brighter happenings my Go-Go for the day is the wonderful men out there who work at auto supply and mechanic shops who don't take advantge and charge a girl an arm and a leg for "minor neccesary repairs". If I hear "well now miss I just don't know that it would be road worthy with out this little fix here" I am going to....well I don't know what but it'll be bad!

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