Saturday, January 31, 2009

Not easy for me!

This is going to be a doozy. I was going to include the exact recipe for Colombian chicken soup however after hours of toil making the stuff the end product was not that amazing. I am going to go ahead an include all the photos I took because I love seeing others photos and maybe you do to? Perhaps seeing this recipe will give someone an idea for a better recipe(maybe one that doesn't take 4 hours?). So here it goes.
This is what I started with, 6 potatoes, 3 carrots, 1 rib of celery, 1 lime,1 onion, 2 cloves of garlic and a bunch of cilantro. Also the turmeric and curry powder. I never could find that Bijol so I threw these in. Necessity is the mother of invention right?
Chop up the carrots and the potatoes, the directions said finely dice I just chopped up as small as I could with out using to much effort or precision.
Chop onions(finely dice......whatever) and "sweat" them in a skillet. I let mine caramelize a bit but that was mostly just because I wasn't keeping a very good eye on them.
After you have the onions sweated and the potatoes and carrots chopped into the stock they go, the stock should be about simmering now, if not turn it up!

In a bowl mix two cloves of garlic smashed/minced/pressed whichever is easier for you and the juice of 1 lime.
Chop up the leaves of half a bunch of cilantro(love how exact that measurement is)
Finely chop two green onions.

Add both chopped ingredients to the lime/garlic mix.

Now add you seasoning, about a half a teaspoon of each curry and turmeric.
Next add two teaspoons of olive oil, and one tablespoon of the broth.
Add your herb/lime/garlic mixture to the broth. As you can see I already added my white meat chicken. Yesterday when I made the stock(which is basically a whole chicken boiled with celery,carrots,and cilantro stems)I also let my chicken cool and shredded and separated the white meat.
Last you make your salsa. This is cilantro leaves, one green onion, salt, and a few red pepper flakes(or you can cut up a jalapeno) and one large chopped tomato.
This is the finished product, just serve with a dollop of salsa on top. So here is the deal. Honestly you could just make chicken noodle soup only exchange the noodles for potatoes, add lime and cilantro and the two spices. It was good, but not make again good especially for how long it took. If anybody wants the exact recipe you can just google Emeril Colombian chicken soup. Hope this provided entertainment if not a favorite recipe!

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