Thursday, January 22, 2009

Crackberry Addiction bites me in the tush

Ok I'm going to be honest, I was addicted to my crackberry(blackberry). Like really addicted. I pheened for it I loved it I wanted to marry it. Then my contract was up for renewal and they waved this shiny pantech duo dual slider in front of my and I must admit I am always distracted by shiny objects. So I signed up positive that this new phone would be even better then my crackberry. I WAS WRONG! I hate it I want it to go away immediately. But alas I have signed a contract and am stuck with this thing until 2011. I will be crying on the inside every time I answer the phone. On a better note I made an awesome omelet this morning!

However I'm going to go ahead and fess up, it was definitely a scramble by the time it was on my plate. But still yummy!
Then I had to go to work.........all the way over in my home office. I love working from home even more then I love my cowgirl boots!

This is my home office and yes I know it's a mess. I am an extremest by nature. It either has to be perfect or a hot mess. There is very little room for an in between kind of thing. For example I have no problem letting my office become disorganized and crazy and that's where I work but I can not leave the house with out making my bed and cleaning the stove off. Please note the mondo cup of Starbucks......that will get me through till about 3. Then I switch over to coke, otherwise I would be passed out on the floor of my "office" dead asleep. At this time I would also like to encourage you to go out and find a piggy calender ASAP. They are to cute, and ya know I collect piggy's! I mean come on just look at that little face!

Also please notice the yellow paint spot above the printer. I'm in the middle of picking a color for the room.........what you can't see is the huge spot of Tiffany blue that came out baby boy blue on my wall( i should have known the home depot guy was just agreeing that he knew what Tiffany blue was to get me outa there). Such a disapointment. So that's my morning so far ya'll. I'll be back later to tell you how my search for antique furniture at the thrift store ended up. I am low on inventory!

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