Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl cake , gun control, and free speech

Love that title....catchy right? Lets start with the cake, and oh Arizona I cry for were thiiiiis close. Really neither one of those is "my team" but I am all for the underdog in most situations.

I don't usually toot my own horn however I would like to mention that I made that cake right there.......that very one with out the aid of any special molds or help. That is the work of a cookie sheet and a casserole dish and one very motivated gal. I should tell you all now that when it comes to "home-makerish" things I am competitive. Very competitive. I wear an apron, pearl necklace and high heels almost everyday. Just call me Suzy homemaker. So we(we being the beau and myself) were invited to a Super Bowl party of sorts. Nothing big just us and some of the people that go and sit up at Hall's drive in diner with us in the summer. I should also mention that we are car people. I am also a little competitive with my car. The honest truth is I would really like to have the biggest SUV possible so I could mow down(politely mow down that is) all those irritating drivers of which there are many here in Fort Fun Indiana since we apparently no longer believe in road manners. However after accepting that at only 5 feet 0 inches tall I would possibly probably need a small ladder to gain entry and exit that SUV I decided on the next best thing. A 1987 Buick Turbo T. Oh lawd I love that car. It is my dream car. I am faster then most corvettes and I have a huge trunk and a good sized back seat. Let me also mention that I get an 87 Buick........that I only pay like $256 a year for full coverage insurance on. Ok anyway so since we got invited I had to bring something and I decided on dessert since they had everything else covered. These are the pics...I would usually have captions telling what I'm doing but these are rather self explanatory.

My base
Yellow cake cooked in low lipped cookie sheet

Chocolate cake in casserole dish

Cake on base........duh right?

I made green icing out of store bought white icing......disposable pastry bag......ya get it I'm sure

I iced the bottom first.....then I set the "football" on top....I left it right side up since it baked with a domed top, I thought it was more football like. Then I iced it with chocolate icing and used what was left of the white for the laces and there you go themed cake for under 7 bucks. Whoo Hoo! I even put in captions after all. Now for the rest of my opening title. A little birdie told me that somebody was thinking about taking away the right to purchase and carry in the state of IN we can legally carry rifles and shotguns in our vehicles as long as they are in clear view. In my thinking a shotgun is probably going to do more damage then a handgun but that's just me. In my very honest and heartfelt opinion I think sure we should have a better procedure for allowing people to have handguns sort of like they do with a vehicle. Perhaps a mandatory class on gun safety and mandatory classes with a trained professional at the shooting range. I try to get to the shooting range at least once a week in the summer and twice a month in the winter. I prefer the outdoor range and it's closed in the winter. I get the theory around it, really I do. It's just that the only people who you are going to be able to stop from getting a handgun is going to be the same person who would have to register it. People who register them for the most part aren't out committing the majority of the dangerous crimes. If we already can't stop criminals from getting guns how is taking away the right to have them from people who go through the correct channels going to help? Last time I checked Johnny robber, Bobby molester, and Danny home invader are not going to say oooo you don't have a weapon because of the new gun law, ok here I won't go after you then. I think I should be able to protect my self and my home in any manner that I see fit so long as I take proper precautions to insure the safety of people not engaging in acts of a criminal nature. I also think that criminals should not be able to sue or whine about getting hurt if they are in the process of committing a criminal act. It's like a liability of the job isn't it? Just a quick word on free speech. Free Speech is not an excuse to say rude, ignorant and pointless things just because you can. There are some laws of human decency that written on congress approved paper or not should not be broken. If everyone would practice a little bit of dignity and tolerance and manners everyone would have a better daily life! I rest my case..........jeez I can get long winded. I also welcome any comments in agreement or disagreement as long as they are said in a polite manner.


  1. That looks gooood. Love the football theme I would love a piece of it even better! Way to go the distance for the game!

  2. that's an incredible cake! love that you showed pictures. I never could have pulled that together. I went through your archives and thanks so much for the step by step instructions for gravy! i've always had to use a starter pack b/c I mess it up when I try to make it from scratch.