Thursday, February 5, 2009

Don't bring Sam and Ella to dinner........cook thoroughly.

Hi ya'll! Let me first ask you this deep a peppermint patty considered a candy bar? This is the question I awoke with on my mind, seriously I haaaaaaaad to know immediately if not sooner. The beau answered me with this (I held the honey for his cereal hostage until I got an answer......I can be manipulative if not given my way)"I think it's more of a candy.......disc?" I then proceeded to fall into a snorting laughing mess. That's the other thing....I'm a snorter. It surprises and disgust people on a regular basis. See I might be a little on the prissy side you could say. I wear pink kind of a lot and I wear pearls just about everyday and well.........I am the epitome of a girly and prissy gal. So when I start with the cute appropriate girly giggles and then dissolve into snorts it can be a tad off putting. Just thought I would share that important fact just in case it ever comes up on jeopardy or something. It's a disc not a bar. Now lets talk food, specifically Salmon. The kind people who decide what goes on the Kroger receipt informed me (because they know I bought salmon........creepy right?) that to avoid salmonella (sam & ella......snort snort) I needed to cook this thoroughly. I also need to not eat any Turkey Hill peanut butter products. Thanks Kroger people! It was on the receipt so you are all dissolved of any responsibility if I eat salmonella from one of your products. So salmon, I love it when somebody else makes it. Mine is never great or usually even edible. This recipe however is golden and incredibly easy(clearly it's not mine, the dear beau came up with is off the cuff....he's a smart one). Here it goes.
First start with a fillet of salmon.......this might also taste wonderful with white fish.

Then spread('s fish come on don't be stingy with the butter) butter across the top, followed by a reasonable sprinkle of brown sugar. I only use dark brown sugar because I am of the more is better frame of mind and darker=richer so that's sure as heck the one I'm using! You can use as much as you want for this even light brown if you prefer I won't judge! He is not a sweet lover so I came behind him and sprinkled extra sugar on my half of the fish. Depends on taste.
Here come the lemons. He "arranged" them in an aesthetically pleasing manner, once again it's your fish so you do what you like. They are pretty though aren't they.
These are your big players........the spices. Like always you can use as little or much of one that you like. I believe he did a pretty much equal spread of them all....we don't choose favorites around this house! Yes that is a very old school Marjoram leaves in my mom got it in the 80's and I borrowed(stole) it because.....umm...I don't actually remember what I needed it for. It was still good though, just had to use a bit extra of it for the full flavor. Spices and people....age does dry one out a bit.
Now it's ready to go into the oven.........this is what it looked like after being seasoned. We put it in the oven at 350 uncovered for 8 min then covered for another 6-7. This depends a lot on your oven though so you should continue to check it every few min just to make sure it does not dry out and over cook.

Our final product. It is done when it is flaky and solid and it looses that translucent fish color. It was incredible. I mixed up some basic white rice with a bit of brown sugar, curry and cinnamon to go with it. However like I said I enjoy sweet stuff the beau had just white rice with butter, salt and pepper. The other thing with this dish is that we did not add salt or pepper until it was on our plates. This was more forgetfulness then by design. I highly desired asparagus with this fish. Had I thought of it in the store I would have gotten some, as it is we will be having this again next week WITH the asparagus and I will include the recipe for that in another post. It just fairly screams for asparagus accompaniment.

A few friends who read my blog have asked me why I haven't introduced my family in my blog. My family being my "fur babies". I am a pet person. ( I don't suggest this for anyone house is a server pain in the tucus with animals.......the cleaning never ends. If I didn't love them all so much I would pack em up and ship em out!)
So I have decided to introduce them one at a time. This is Luchie. Or the rat. We only refer to him as that when he's been naughty though. I call him Lu-cheezy when he is being a sweetheart. He is a ferret...they say these guys are kind of like cats. Don't believe them. Yes he is litter trained and yes he is an awesome pet. However we can never leave anything out that he can drag/pull/carry or otherwise maneuver away because then it will be gone with in a matter of moments. Soon after this picture was taken half of that laundry pile disappeared never to be found again. He is mostly the beau's little buddy. They are guys so they bonded or whatever. I don't care as long as he doesn't steal my jewelry. We have an understanding.........he is small enough to be flushed if any good jewelry goes missing. (kidding kidding!) I will introduce you the rest of the crew tomorrow!

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  1. That fish looks yummie. You know friends go for the laughs, but best friends go for the snort! LOL Great post, cute baby. I am a pet person too. Have a good day. :-)