Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am pooped. I feel like a splattered bug on a windshield. I also finished off the last of my raisin bran crunch tonight so that means I will have none for tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is not going to be pleasant. I still have yet to finish or really get much of a start on packing. Good news then that I'm not leaving until Thursday now. Tomorrow I also have to take Luchie to the vet to get him checked out before we make the trip. Tomorrow is the only day I could get an appointment for him because he is an exotic animal and has to see a special vet. When I got him last year I got this little coupon thing for a free vet apt(this vet is of course on the other side of town) and they were absolutely thrilled to find out that they would not be getting paid for this visit. Just thrilled!
So thrilled that they felt the need to argue about it being not valid and expired. Since I had not told them how long he has been with me I'm not sure how they came up with it having expired. Let me also mention that there is not an expiration date on the coupon. So Kate(this would be the arguing woman) finally relents and says that I am free to wait at the office after they open for an appointment to become available. How long might that take I ask? She answers me in her best put upon and full of attitude voice that she just doesn't know, it will take as long as it takes for a spot to open up. I would just like to say at this point that I am a manager caller. I will call if an employee is being rude but I will also call to express my happiness when I receive excellent service. I guess I'm an equal opportunity manager caller. So this is the point when I ask to speak to somebody above her. Well what do you know now they have an appointment for 2:30 or 3:40 which one would I like? What is so hard about just being a nice normal person who does their job well. There are so many people desperate for a job right now that I would think people who have them would be so happy to be keeping theirs that they step it up a bit. Or at least perform adequately and not horribly. When did asking for decent service become asking for too much? I wish I had some great recipe for ya'll today but honestly the beau just fixed hamburger helper....with boxed potatos au gratin. I threw some corn in a steamer bag because I figured two starches was a little much. Just to be cheerful though I thought I would show all ya'll my piggy of the month.
Yep they do come spotted as well as pink. I have about 4 loads of laundry left until I can start shoving things in my luggage with abandon. I am really considering saying who needs to fold....but then I think back to what my clothes looked like last time made that choice. Ok stick a fork in me because I'm done!


  1. I am with you on rude people doing their job, what they are paid to do. "Equal opp. manager caller that is hilarious" As three of my family members have been laid off within the last week! Scary times and I am afraid it is going to get a lot worse before better.

  2. good luck with your packing, chica!