Sunday, February 15, 2009

Last one for a while.......

So tonight is the much delayed night. At around 3am(so morning actually I guess)we will be leaving for Florida by way of Tennessee for the night. I have family there and they have kindly agreed to house myself, the beau, and my 10lbs of wiener dog Kelsey for the night. There was even talk of dinner and dessert being made!

This is my Kelsey-Koodles. Or Peanut, it just depends on the mood. She is 14 years old and we got her from a Dachshund Rescue a few years ago. She is also a spoiled rotten ankle bitter. But we are working on that. I'm thinking she would look cute dressed up as a Florida Gator for Halloween being that she's already a bit elongated and we are about to be Florida Folks. So I just wanted to say a little non-permanent goodbye to those that have already been so kind and listened to me ramble. I have only been at this for a few weeks but I love it and I will miss reading what everybody has to say. Darsden especially! I'm told I will have working internet about two weeks after I get there and I will be takeing pictures all the way down and after I get there so my next post should be a doosey and a half. Thank you all again! Wish me good luck. I hope everyone has a great next few weeks!

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  1. Hey Girl, you Will have a wonderful time. Enjoy the stay at your family's too. When they find out how beautiful where you are going is...they will be signing up for vacation with you..LOL No, really they will and everybody else. Now, what was that address again ;-) You will be miss Southern but I can't wait to hear about your adventure to Florida. Be Safe you dog is so cute, mine is a 50 buck pound rescue too :-)