Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dr. Claywood at Indian Creek in Fort Wayne you should be ashamed of yourself!

I am so angry I could spit right now. ON mister so special Dr. Claywood and his dragon gatekeeper receptionist. I really hope karma comes around and bites them on the tush, or wherever it wants for that matter! So yesterday I made the trek all the way to Indian Creek Veterinary Clinic in the pouring, sheeting rain with my unhappy ferret in his transport box. This was a half an hour trip folks. One way. So I get there and we haul ourselves in out of the rain and go to sign in. Ms. Receptionist asks for all the medical documents I have on him so I hand them over. I also hand her the free checkup coupon. She looks up at me and says we can't accept this because the pet store you got it from closed..they have been closed for over a year now. Let me ask you..since I got my ferret in April of 08 and it's only February of 09 does that mean I got my ferret from a store that was closed and out of business and I just didn't realize it? She also said that if I would have just gotten it three months ago they would still be accepting it....but I thought she said they had been closed for over a how would I have gotten one 3 months ago? I guess she isn't aware of how long a year is. So I say can you check with the Dr. about taking this please, I just drove half an hour and I did tell the girl who took my appointment what coupon I would be using and she did still make me an appointment. So she goes into the back, and I kid you not stands at a counter flipping through a file for a few min IN MY DIRECT VIEW then she comes back and says nope the Dr. said they can't do it. I asked if I could just talk to the Dr. then....nope he's in a room. Here is my big issue.....this is what has me chewing nails...nowhere on the coupon does it say it expires at this date....not even any fine print saying subject to approval or one of those little statements that gives them an out of providing service. It doesn't say anything in any of the paperwork I got. She tells me that it must have just been a new girl that told me they would accept it. I'm sorry since when did it become my responsibility to make sure their employees are properly versed in their policies? I called back a few minuets after I left and asked to speak with a Dr. but he was still "in a room with a really busy day". The same receptionist says that I was really supposed to have my puppy seen 1-3 business days after I got him. First I'm pretty sure that I have a ferret and not a puppy, second once again you should have put it on the coupon then. It is not the customers responsibility to know your policies if they are not anywhere to be found. You can't just decide not to provide a promised service because it's no longer convenient. So now I am ticked and I am out to make a change if there is any way possible I can do this before I leave. First I am complaining to the Better Business Bureau. Then I am calling the local Fort Wayne SPCA...I'm not sure what they can do but I talked to my dogs vet and she said to give them a call. I'm going to write a review on every review site I can find and I'm going to E-mail the vice presided of the They had his info listed on the BBB website. If anyone has any other places I should keep in mind I would be glad to hear them! Let me also say that I was not trying to be difficult or the crazy scary customer woman today. If they would have told me on the phone that they no longer accept them(yes they did give me some trouble but they still made the appointment)or have just refused to make an appointment, or if I had made a mistake and there was an expiration date or something I would have been kind of ticked but I would have just marked it up to bad business. I promise to post later with something happier and with good pictures. Right now I'm going to go drink my coffee and plot what I'm going to say to the BBB. Something has to be done about the kind of business who choose do this stuff. I think I may have found my new calling. Righter of wrongs.....corrector of evil corporate customer mistreatment! At least until my mad wears off.


  1. Well I am mad now too! Did your lil baby get to see the doctor at all. I am the same way I will call, report, damand action!

  2. that's terrible! can you contact the bbb? is the pet store a chain?