Sunday, February 8, 2009

Southern Bombshell-1 Frosty-0

Today is the day that frosty came down. All the snow melted and I was able to tug and pull him out of the mud....because that is what happens when all the snow get mud. Today was a sad day though because Frosty...well he lost a hat...and an arm....and a lot of lights. I think this was his last year, he is officially in retirement. I have a small hope that some zip ties and a resourceful guy may be able to get him back in semi useful order but this is a very very small hope. I know my photo stinks but it's night out and I'm only halfway sure how to work my camera. This is just my proof that yes I did take that snowman down. My neighbors have been being a tad bit irritating lately because they like to park multiple vehicles right in front of my drive way. Now if their driveway was full I would say ehh annoying but fine. It's not full at all.....ever. Considering the fact that my mom was pulling out of my driveway last year and backed into one of their vehicles I would think they would have had second thoughts about parking there, but no. They also consider me to be a " country hick" because I had Georgia license plates when I moved here. I have considered leaving for Florida with Frosty still in the yard just because I know how much it bothers them. But I wouldn't be here to see them shoot those oh so scary bad neighbor looks over at me and I would have to leave frosty here. Hmm decisions decisions.

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  1. LOL leave him...LOL too funny poor frosty all used up! You are going to have so much more fun in Florida.