Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just another Saturday

I am so not a party girl. The perfect example of this is all the "fun" I had on this Saturday night. It's also not like I did all kinds of fun stuff Friday and was just plain tired either. I just don't have whatever that run out and go buck wild thing is in me. It also doesn't help that every last one of my friends is already married and my two best friends are living in Nebraska(like it wasn't cold enough in Indiana) and South Carolina(I just refuse to talk to her because I am so jealous....juuust kidding...I talk to her so I can live vicariously through her). So it's not like a have a lot of opportunity for girls nights out these days. I don't really mind all that much though. My daddy came in this weekend and he, my younger sister, my beau and myself played black jack and the longest game of crazy eights ever.......seriously it was like a 3 hour game.

Don't you just love my Marilyn Monroe cards. I forget where I got them but I still think they are the cutest playing cards ever. We also made BBQ.........ok I told a small's not really BBQ because it's neither pork nor smoked/grilled. However it was what was in the freezer( we leave for Florida on Wednesday and I'm trying to use up the frozen goods) and the best we can do in this weather since it makes a grill kind of impractical. Snow makes a lot of things impractical. Like driving, and wearing cute shoes. Such a drag.

Anyways this was the make due BBQ meal. I tried to get the beau to give up his sauce for ya'll but he wouldn't do it, even after I pulled his ear with the tongs he still refused to give it up. Some kind of man code I'm sure. He won't even let me help make I can't stir or something. I'm still a little het up about it I guess but since I got to eat it I can't complain that much.

As always we have the players. Salt, pepper, Season All, garlic powder and BBQ seasoning....the beau said poultry seasoning would have been better but that the little bit I had left would just disgrace the chicken so he just used the BBQ stuff. Picky Picky Picky I say, like the chicken was really going to notice. Yes he also left the skin on and yes those are legs only. I don't know why they were in the freezer but apparently at some time I thought I really needed 5 chicken legs. However clearly I did not need them since they were just sitting in the freezer...that or I am forgetting something, either way it's of no matter......they are long gone and they were good.

I thought I would show ya'll the sauce since I can't tell you what's in it. It's this great spicy sweet mix. Actually spicy though not just hot. Very very good and one day I'm going to set up a secret camera so I can find out what he puts in it.
So a sprinkle of all the seasonings...everything was pretty even amount except for the salt. There was a bit less of that used due to the inclusion of Season all. He got almost all the way done with the saucing part before he realized he forgot the sprinkling part. That's why that poor leg in back is all naked and lonely.
After much slathering of the sauce with the brush(which was gross and nasty but the only one I had....apparently it's also against the man code to use a spoon to slather sauce on.....we must use a brush!)under the broiler it went for apx 9 min a side. I lost count of how many times he basted it with sauce but it was quite a few. After the broiling which mostly just makes the skin all nice and crisp they got covered with foil and baked at 350 for about an hour and a half. I'm not sure if that is a normal amount of time or if the element in my stove is just going out. Things seem to be taking a lot longer to cook these days. Or I'm just more impatient, who knows?
This is the final meal. That is not a grill mark in the chicken(I wish it was though) it's just the slice we made to make sure it was done. We are very paranoid about meat done-ness around here. The rice was from a box(I'm sorry gran......I don't know how to season rice as good as rice a roni) and the corn was frozen as well. You would think since I'm in the land of cows and corn I would have better corn options right? I just stuck the corn in one of those zip-loc steamer bags....those things are a miracle and you should run out and try them right now. I got a box of like 80 at Sam's club for around 6$ Not bad for a simple Saturday night meal. All in all I don't mind being a home body that much. I like to get out and dress up every once in a while but I just don't really get into the run out and get drunk and have strangers rub up on you in dark clubs. It makes me wanna take a bath in Clorox. Also I mentioned that we are leaving for Florida for good on Wednesday and I would just like to confess that I have exactly 3 things packed. My camel colored long sweater, a candy dish, and a Vera duffel bag. That's it. Really. I am going to be out of my mind on Monday. I am clearly a procrastinator of the worst sort and I will be punished for it by leaving some favorite pair of shoes here or something equally horrible I'm sure.


  1. That even looks good at 7 in the morning yummie. I have to Omit myself I don't do the bar thang, I can't stand the smoke or the drunks. I would rather spend a quiet evening at home or at a friends or with family...probably in that order too LOL. Good luck in Florida you will love it!

  2. that looks yum! i laughed at taking down frosty... because my christmas tree is still up! i know, I'm horrible. I just can't bear to take it down!

  3. I love the Marilyn Monroe playing cards. So cute.