Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Here at last oh here at last

First let me say that I am not really sure how my Internet is connected. I plugged in the computer and I had Internet with out hooking it up. So I'm pretty sure it's not mine unless it's free these days. Either way thank you and I'm sorry to the owner! Next let me say that from Fort Wayne Indiana to Fort Myers FL is a really really really long drive. As in 23 hours. With a 9lb wiener dog having palpitations and panic attacks all the way here. Did I mention she is not a car dog? The Crystals burger did however distract her for a little bit. I would love to post the 5 trillion million billion pictures I have, however this borrowed Internet says no. I will post them all when I have my own personal Internet. I have now been here for...umm....about four weeks I think. It's easy to loose track down here because it's basically always vacation time. Since I have lived here I have gone to the beach exactly two times, both were at night. While that may seem like a disappointment to some it doesn't bother me to much because I found a job the first week I got here and it's at a yacht club. I literally can dip my toes in the ocean everyday during my lunch break. Not to shabby right? The old lady(ok...old know Kelsey bells) made it here safely and she now has Molly.....a shar pei, pit, everything else out there, mixed breed to play with and boss around everyday. So far so good.....but now for the bad. My cell phone company found out I am in Florida and they sent me a notice saying the will no longer be able to provide me service. So no cell phone for a bit, on the up side it was over $200 to get it shut off before I left because I still had a year and ten months left on my contract.......but if they decide to shut it's free to me! There is also this little thing called "porting" which means I get to keep my number. YEA!!! I guess that isn't all bad. I can safely say that the move Martha would say a "good thing". I am officially back to regular posts now folks. Have a great day and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


  1. CONGRATS on surviving!!!! i'm a military brat, have driven cross-country more times than i'd like to say, always with at least two screeching cats in carriers. let me say, goin' to the vet and getting 'downers' for the cats saved us more times than i can say. just gave them a little tranquilizer in their food and they slept most of the way. i know, sad, but necessary!!!!

  2. I have been wondering where the heck you were. Glad all arrived safely. Yes, Florida has that way of letting you "loss" track of time. I enjoyed the almost 12 years I lived there. Congrats on the fantastic job too. How lucky is that. You also get to watch all the fancy yachts WOW, I think I am jealous. Have fun and look forward to all the pictures.