Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time to start building

Today I am a bit of a blogging fiend. I have been away for some time and have just recently re-devoted myself to this. There is a new look that's still under construction but it's making headway.

With my recent unintentional relocation I have decided that it is time to "get things in line"....I can be heard saying this at least 10 times an hour(please pray for my mama, sis, and beau). My extreme personality lends itself to either full devotion to one thing until it's finished or to completely ignore the offending issue. I am one of those people that just can't "let things go". This is good and bad. I get stuff done, but others usually don't enjoy it while it's happening. I have three main issues that I am tackling right now. First after finding out about my sisters dismal grades from last year(hello....who fails phys ed?) I have been like a dog with a bone about her school work. My mother has had a nasty couple of years and she has just not been in a place where she is able to deal with this. I was no prize in high school and I just don't think she can face another surly teen. It's easier for her to just ignore it(wonder who I get that mindset from). I however am ready to wage war on this school work thing. You can imagine how happy my sis is to find me hovering over her demanding to see school work done before anything fun starts happening. While I may be driving her slowly insane I can see the pride she feels when the teacher brings her project up as a good example or she gets a great grade on something. We won't talk about the look on her face when I decided to go to open house and sign up for the PTO. I'm sure you can imagine.

The other thing that's been prayin' on my mind is the fact that while we have lived in this house for the last 9 years we never really "moved in". We have yet to finish painting a single room or to even try to decorate something. At first it was because we were always two months from moving again, then it was just pure lazy. I have slowly started to remedy this.

Behold the first finished bit of the house. The living room fire place. The back wall is library green and the other items are things I've found here and there. The vase was my Grandmothers, the roses were one of the first gifts from my beau. The only thing that's not right is the carpet. That's the last thing on my list because unfortunately that hideous rose color is through the entire house and all the flooring needs to be replaced. We won't talk about the commercial grade tile in the kitchen(how embarrassing to have your kitchen tile match the tile in your school..ick ick)I'm also not in love with that chair.

Up next we have the almost finished powder room. This terracotta color is one of the few ones that my mother and I both adore. It's a great earthy color that's not too dark. The frame on the back wall has been in my fathers family since the 1800's and it's filled with this lovely bubbly leaded glass. The pics on the opposite wall are some my neighbors from Florida gave me. I don't love them but they match the wall color so perfectly. The only thing I hate about this room is the vanity mirror. The same person who picked the carpet decided to put tacky etched mirrors in every bathroom. I'm hoping to find something chunky in natural wood with antique mirror in it. You know the kind with the worn silver on the edges.
I am so proud of re-purposing this curtain. I found it balled up in one of my unorganized auction boxes and did a bit of sewing to make it fit.

I am trying to get every room organized and set up, then I will go back and paint. My bedroom is done in pinks, greens, and blues with a lot of vintage botanical prints. I am slightly addicted to florals and stripes. The guest room is going to be pale blue and brown with a grey/lavender accent. The upstairs bath in hopefully a light Tiffany blue and white with black deco accents. I am hoping for a pale butter yellow for the kitchen and the same for the front office(previously the dinning room), and a slightly more beige version for the hallways. The only one I don't know about yet is the laundry room. To go happy and bright or to just meld with the hallway. Hopefully this will all look eclectic and decorated and not just like a hot mess.

The third and final thing on my to do list is to get this Ebay business started. I have slowly but surely been colletion inventory but we haven't gotten much of it listed yet. We have been slacking and hopefully will fix that in the near future.

Wish me luck!

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