Saturday, June 18, 2011

oh Sunday how bittersweet you are.

Just sitting here on this lovely Sunday night, eating the delish sliders that the beau fried up. (Gahd I love everything fried). Made even better by my glass of Shiraz and Sex and the City movie playing. I have loved those ladies since the beginning. Rarely do so many of my favorite acting stars both men and women get together.

I must say that I very much needed to be pampered tonight after my chaotic work day. I knew it was going to be a whopper of a day when the first thing I noticed upon entering the building was the lack of lights.....or should I say electricity. ON FATHERS DAY!! One of our very busy days. Needless to say the wine and fatty fried food(that I didn't have to cook) were neccesary in order for me to recover my hospitality.

I'm thinking a super bubbly bath then deep restful slumber. Then maybe a trip to the beloved lancome outlet in the morning.........just maybe. Nothing like a little economy stimulation to start the day off right. Well that and some supper yummy coffee.

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