Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ambrosia Recipe that you won't be able to stop eating!

I do believe I'm feeling quite chatty this morning so this will more then likely be a whopper post. But there is a D-Vine recipe for Ambrosia down below so it will all be worth it. No worries!

If you keep up to date with my oh so interesting posts(ha ha right)then you know that I have basically made The Ebay my job. I mean really it's the next best thing to being a personal shopper only you get to take advantage of the merchandise first since it's usually pre-loved and then if you have your smart shopping down you make a profit off it. Perhaps it's just me but that sounds like a heck of a deal. This handbag below was one of my recent purchases and it's what we call "borderline" since I may have a bit more invested then what it needs to be *Minky*(our code word for a good money maker)

Now I really think this handbag is super cute but(there is always a but)it's....faux leather or the horror the horror PLEATHER! I have a thing about my handbags and ok honestly pretty much everything else. I am a staunch believer in *if you can't get the good stuff then just leave it be and walk away*(keeping in mind that since I also refuse to pay retail that it takes a good bit of looking for me to find the good stuff at a price I can swallow).

However it's a fairly decent designer and the price was nice and I think it's a great style with feminine details. The kicker is that is it's also NWOT or new with out tags. So I can't really test drive it with out decreasing the value by a good chunk. Opinions anyone...super cute or give it the boot?
As of yesterday I have started my newest and hopefully best diet. Now myself and just about every gal in my family has some kind of unhealthy eating *situation*. As do most of Americas women I would imagine. My mama will eat popcorn, pumpkin seeds, diet Pepsi and iced tea mon-fri to splurge on sat and sun. My gran is a fan of the no fat cottage cheese and tomato diet with the occasional citrus fruit thrown in and lots of coffee(wonder where I got that habit). I on the other hand just remove all carbs, cheese and get every thing low fat/ no fat that I can. I can say that my diet works great but I am the crankiest person ever when on it. As you can guess I tend toward the *prissy, difficult and demanding* way with out the hunger so it turns me into a monster. Being a monster is not bombshell fabulous it's hideous. This has brought about my new diet. Instead of cutting out everything on the planet that I enjoy I'm just going to cut out the processed stuff. Also canned veggies, fresh or frozen from now on. Whole grain breads and all that also.

Anyways this leads me to my last meal featured above. I call it my *spoiled girl lunch*. It's something my mama and I used to have when I was a bit younger and my daddy would be out of town. A nice piece of steak and some lobster with lemon and butter. It is possibly one of my very favorite foods, and hey not processed! I also feel the need to mention that that is so a salad plate not a dinner plate. Just saying.

This was also kind of a last meal treat but the others got to it right after I made it and I only got a measly small half a container of it hehe.

The D-Vine Ambrosia Salad aka the Mana from heaven
This stuff right here is what we are going to start with. I'm a big fan of the generics on most stuff. I figure corn syrup and red dye number 98237498374 is all pretty much the same.

1 1/2 c Whipped topping
1 c Sour Cream(full fat please)
1 c Mini Marshmallows(white or it looks like..........well lets not say what exactly but colors just don't mix well with the cherries and pineapples).
1/2 c Shredded coconut sweetened
Around 3/4 tsp of salt
1 c Canned mandarin oranges (you could segment clementines and it might be a bit better but who has the time)
1/2 c Maraschino Cherries feel free to add more but the more cherries the pinker your ambrosia.
1 c Pineapple chunks

First mix the sour cream and whipped cream until well blended
Add all the white stuff. Coconut, salt, and mini marshmallows then mix well.
Add all of your WELL DRAINED fruit. If it's liquidy then your ambrosia won't ever set just right.
Give it a good stir and see what you've got. For the most part the above measurements are a suggestion. If you like pineapples more then mandarin oranges then add more of one and less of the other. It should have a pretty thick layer of the whip/sour cream mix because this will set up and thicken a good bit while in the fridge. If it looks a bit dry then just add some more white stuff. Sour cream makes it tangier and the whip makes it more light and fluffy.

After it's all done throw it in the pyrex and chill it for at least an hour. After just sit back and enjoy.

I have heard tales about *others* doing crazy things like toasting their coconut and adding chopped walnuts and some even substitue canned fruit cocktail for the self mixed ingredients. The first two are pretty yummy I must admit but I draw the line at mushy fruit cocktail in heavy syrup. Yuck. Good luck and happy ambrosia eating!

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