Monday, September 14, 2009

Life when you have to go"in to town" for everything.

I am happy to say that we are no longer living with the crazies. I am unhappy to say that the chance of getting a pizza delivered to the new place is right up their with flying pigs. Which there are plenty of down the road from me. Not the flying variety but pigs none the less.

I highly enjoy being able to exist with out dealing with the crazies doing strange and unexplainable things. For example the day before we were set to move out the step-monster felt the need to scratch and gouge up all the furniture the dad said we could take with. His exact words were "if you don't take it I'm going to throw it in with the trash on Tuesday". Now it's not priceless antiques but it's a bed and a dresser we didn't have before. I thought his wording was pretty clear.....yes we can take this what I thought. However step-monster apparently felt the need to pay us back for "stealing right out from under her" her beloved water warped fiberboard headboard and the dresser with the missing handles and broken drawer tracks by completely ruining them before we took them with. Notice the frugality I have shown by not running out and purchasing brand new furniture just so I can say...fine you want it you keep it now that you have messed it up! This may end up being necessary though since every time I look at the furniture I get a wash of seething anger. There is also the never ending accusations of us stealing all matter of things from the house. "I had three cartons of yogurt not two!"-"I bet she took the scrunchy I wore with my nursing uniform in 1982!"-"I can't believe they took the remote control to OUR bedroom TV". This list is never ending. If the step-monster(who I will call fudgy face from now on due to the constant consuming of fudgsicles which she promptly smears all over her face in her Xanex induced haze" has managed to misplace something in one of her inebriated states then we have taken the item just to spite her. Because oh Lordy B I really had a thing for that chocolate smeared scrunchy with the little fuzzy craft balls hanging off the edges!

That is the end of my venting! Now on to the good stuff. I am interviewing for another that isn't 48Min's from the new house. The new roommates don't completely stink which is good for my mental state. The old lady has also somewhat bonded with the new puppy..Duncan or Dumkin depending on the mood which is also good so I don't have to play dog mediator all the time. That's about it. I am so much less stressed since leaving that house that I can actually sleep at night and everything is so much easier to deal with now. God love peaceful living situations!

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