Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's not a whine it's stating the facts!

Since I have decided to give up my need to whine I thought I would also start the diet I have been meaning to start since I got here. In addition to these new exciting changes I now have to be up and motivated at 7am so that I can fix my dear boyfriends lunch before he leaves for work in the morning. This does not make for a happy girl. In the best of circumstances (like when there are blueberry turnovers and hot fresh chicory coffee with real cream and cane sugar waiting for me at the table on antique pink and gold Spode bone china, none of which I can eat on the new diet) I am withdrawn on good days and down right ornery on bad days. I need at least one cup of coffee and half an hour by myself in order to turn into the happy cheerful girl I usually try to be. However I am almost positive the dear boy's parents wait with their ears to the door so they can corner me in the kitchen and tell me about their latest pity party. Their newest complaint is that I am not being understanding of all their daily pains. One of the side effects of this new no whining thing is I have a hard time listening to someone else do it for a prolonged period of time. I am more of the fix it or hush attitude. The step-mother has also taken to pulling all the rugs off of the floor as a hint she would like it washed. Her son has taken to leaving spoiling cups of coffee and cemented bowls of breakfast cereal in his room until I start doing dishes and then he conveniently starts cleaning out his room leaving me with the unhappy task of scrubbing the 32 going on 10 year olds dirty dishes. I'm told my eyes have started to glaze over with alarming frequency....I am also getting daily "stress headaches" so that I can hide in my room with a good book and not have to be depressed by all the make believe malady's these people get.

Nobody has been mysteriously harmed yet so I figure I'm doing pretty good. If I make it the whole month of August with out losing it completely I think I'm going to give in and get the antique piggy cookie jar off of Ebay. Since I can't eat cookies I'm a little afraid this could lead to more aggravation then it's worth but I might not be able to help myself. I think I am going to have to start cooking some inventive low-everything that makes me fat meals and I will post photos and recipes of them as I come up with them. If anyone has some good ideas please let me know.

I hope all is going well with everyone else and you all are having a great summer!

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